Tuesday, 20 December 2011

FeelUnique December '11 Box

Bed Head Sugar Dust, Annick Goutal Mandragore Eau De Toilette, Clarisonic Refining Skin Cleanser, Nails Inc Mini in Oxford Street, Figs and Rouge Sweet Geranium Balm and Living Nature Samples

As you might of noticed in my last Beauty Box post I was pretty disappointed with Glossybox! I decided to cancel their box and after reading a few reviews decided to choose FeelUnique instead. I really like this box and was happy to see 3 brands I've already heard of (Bed Head, Nails Inc. & Clarisonic).

The item I was most excited to try was the Bed Head Sugar Dust, I've been wanting a volumizing hair powder for a while now (as I've been stealing my Mum's Schwarzkopf  Powder'ful for a while now!), I've used this a few times and I like it! I think it definitely works, it doesn't last that long but then neither does any other volumizing product I use on my hair >-> It's pretty invisible and the texture generally feels 'matte' on your hands, I normally have to wipe off the excess with a face wipe 'cause it just makes your hands feel funny!
It's great to see a Nails Inc. nail polish in this box even though it's a mini! It's a really nice cool toned baby pink, I still have a Leighton Denny baby pink polish from a previous GlossyBox, but that one was warmer toned than this one! 

The Clarisonic Cleanser I have yet to try out but I know it's a very popular brand at the moment, This cleanser claims to exfoliate, firm and smooth areas of the body needing extra care, So it seems a great thing for the winter months. I'm happy to see that it's got Green tea in it, which is an anti-oxidant and is anti-inflammatory, which will help me at the moment because my skin is terrible! :(

I've never heard of Annick Goutal, Figs & Rouge or Living Nature, I have yet to use the Living Nature samples but it's a lovely bonus to add to the box, The Figs & Rouge balm is a good thing to carry in your handbag and comes in handy for this month if the cold weather is making your skin dry! I've found I'm using my MOA green balm from another previous GlossyBox a lot more this month because of dry skin! The Annick Goutal perfume is a pleasant surprise, and one of my favourites in this box, I was glad to see It was a small bottle and not another irritating sample vial that beauty boxes love to throw in, it came in a lovely purple bag and I was surprised that I really liked this perfume, I usually like florally/spring kind of perfumes, and this one is very woodsy and musky but I absolutely love it and it's a great smell for winter and the Christmas season! 

The Bed Head Sugar Dust retails for £9.35 (you get a full size product in this box), The full size 10ml Nails Inc. Oxford Street polish is £11 (the mini size is 4ml), The full size 180ml Clarisonic Refining Skin Polish is £21 (you get 60ml in this box), 50ml of the Annick Goutal Eau De Toilette is £43.35 (I'm unsure of what size the bottle in the box is!) and the Figs & Rouge balm is £3.49 (you also get this full size in the box).

If you are interested in signing up for a beauty box, I thoroughly recommend FeelUnique, as the box is also the cheapest on the market at the moment at £9.95 a box!

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