Friday, 9 December 2011

Graze Box #1

A few days ago I got an e-mail from Groupon saying they were giving out free £5 vouchers to use on a Groupon deal (no minimum purchase necessary), and they were doing a deal for which I've seen mentioned around the internet quite a bit, The deal was 4 boxes for £5 (normally around £12), so with my voucher I was able to get this completely free.

I thought I would review these boxes for my readers, just in case anyone has considered Graze before etc. 

The general jist of Graze is that they provide a healthier snack box of 4 punnets, You can browse and rate products on the website so you don't actually pick what you get in each individual box but you choose what you want to 'bin' (don't want in any boxes), 'try' (will come every now and then), 'like' (will come more often than others), 'love'  (you'll see these in your box even more frequently). So it's a good idea because you won't get anything you won't like but you will still get a surprise!

You do sign up to a weekly box automatically so I'll probably cancel my weekly box after my 4 boxes have been delivered as I can't really afford to sign up to it at the moment, but the good thing is that you can actually buy one off boxes and get 3 boxes for around £10. You can choose how many days a week you receive a box, for example, I get a box every Thursday and Friday but I can cancel a number of boxes or add more boxes which I'll receive weekly.

You can actually get your first box free and a second one half price if you sign up to the website (here) and use the code 9C26L3V

Here's what I received in my first box:

Fruit Sundae (Strawberries, Pineapple and Cherry Sultanas) 
This was pretty average, I rated it on my 'Try' list in the first place but it's texture is sort of dried fruit but then a little bit more moist than that, I'm not a huge fan of dried fruit but I did like the cherry sultanas. I ended up putting this onto my 'Bin' list! I'd probably give this a 1/10.

Rustic Marble Bread (Smoked Paprika, Garlic & Thyme Bread)
I absolutely loved this, I originally had this on my 'Try' list and I didn't think I'd like it that much but it was really good! After having it I automatically put it onto my 'Love' list cause I'd be happy to receive this more often! 10/10
Hot Mango Salsa (Mango Pieces with Sweet Chilli Dip)
I was really excited about this one but the Mango pieces put me off! I just didn't think it went right with the Sweet Chilli dip, tasted too weird! I ended up putting this on my 'Bin' list aswell! The dip was really good but just not with the mango! 1/10
Honeycomb Flapjack (Chocolate & Honeycomb)
I was most excited about this and I was right to be! It's really yummy and I'd love to see this more in my
boxes because I loveeee Honeycomb! 10/10

Bit random, but another thing I liked was that when I took the punnets out of the box I realized there was a napkin provided as well which I thought was a nice touch! Felt really weird because It was recycled and felt stiffer like paper but I thought it was a good idea to add to the box!

I've got 3 more boxes to go yet with the voucher I have so you'll be seeing a few more of these posts!

Have you tried Graze before? Which is your favourite Graze snack?



  1. I love Graze boxes! My favs have to be the garlic olives, nom nom. Enjoy! x

  2. nice. x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from This Is Transition if you'd like to check it out. :)

  3. ooooo im going to look into getting one of these!

    Tanesha x