Friday, 23 December 2011

Graze Box #3

My 3rd Graze Box Post! Thought I'd make this short and sweet,

In this box I received:

Honeycomb Crunch (milk chocolate honeycomb pieces, sultanas and almonds)
Really yummy the honeycomb pieces were lovely with the sultanas and almonds! Not much to say about it besides that! 10/10

Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl (blueberry yoghurt raisins, raspberry infused cranberries & blackcurrants)
I think my favourite was the raspberry infused cranberries, I don't particularly like blackcurrants that much but they were okay, and the blueberry yoghurt raisins were nice but really overwhelmingly creamy! 7/10

Wasapeas (wasabi covered dried peas)
These were quite nice but it was really strong wasabi and made my eyes water! Felt weird eating hard peas haha! 6/10

Smoky Red Pepper Gazpacho Dip (wholemeal crisp bread slices and smoky pepper relish)
Really liked the bread slices, The smoky pepper relish was nice but 'smoky pepper' is a bit of a weird taste! 8/10

Overall a nice 3rd box!



  1. YUM i want to try these out in the new year are they worth it?

  2. well i got mine with a £5 off coupon thing from groupon and then they had a deal to get 4 boxes for £5 so i got the whole thing free haha ! I doubt i'd buy them religiously but every now and then it's good cause they are only £3.50 but i wouldn't pay £3.50 every week or something!