Saturday, 7 January 2012

Babyliss Wave Envy Review

I recently purchased the Babyliss Wave Envy styler after seeing a review from Liv on YouTube, I prefer waves to curls and normally use sea salt spray to get the wavy affect but it doesn't hold very well or waves very well, So after seeing what this product could do, I had to have it!

Bonus was that my mum had  bought me a £25 gift card for Amazon for Christmas, Plus I'd been doing some surveys online aswell and had enough points to get  myself a £10 Amazon gift card. At the time, this product was £40 so I only ended up having to spend £5 of my own money, bargain! 

The product is pretty much a 3 barrel waver I think, It has 3 settings of heat and the usual on/off button, also the typical swivel cord which is helpful.

The product is generally supposed to be used half way down the head and the top half to be left alone but I used it as far up my head as the huge styler would go, about 1 and half inches away from my roots.

The styler is SO long lasting, The first time I used it I did it about 7/8pm and it was still wavy by 2pm the next day! and normally whenever I use a curl styler no matter what products I use to help hold it I lose my curls after about 2 hours :(

Some people might think it's just a glorified crimper but It doesn't just lay a print on the top of the hair like a crimper does, it definately does wave the hair.

Here is what my hair ended up like the first time I used it

I went for a night out the other day and someone actually came up to me and said I reminded them of Daryl Hannah in Splash! And I've had so many compliments from friends etc., It's brilliant! 

You can buy it for £45 (currently, but the price keeps fluctuating!) from Amazon:



  1. looks amazing lozz! i'm doing my hair like this tomorrow for definite (forgot to do it today! oops!) xxx

  2. wow nice effect on the hair! It really adds body and interest
    hope you can join my makeup giveaway!