Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Just a couple things I've picked up this past week from the high street :)

Firstly, I got this chain faux leather cuff from Poundland, which I think is great because you wouldn't expect to find any nice jewellery in there haha!

Secondly, I got these sparkly star shaped USB fairy lights from the technology/electrical section in Poundland to go around my pc monitor to make my room look all cosy at night! 

I wasn't planning on getting any body spray because I never really wear it! I normally just use deodorant or perfume, but I was pleasantly surprised by the smell of this spray, it was 2 minis for £1 in Poundland and I thought the size would come in handy as I could pop one in my purse! The scent reminds me of my mum because she has a perfume that's quite similar, she said she thinks the smell is similar to Lola by Marc Jacobs so if you have that perfume, I'd give this a try! 

I bought yet another candle from the Clinton Cards sale...I really have to stop now! I love the mini jars though and this was only £4.99 and I think this particular one is quite a new scent so it was nice to see it on sale! It reminds me of water lilies and according to the website apparently smells of water flowers with green notes and a hint of melon and musk! Very nice!

Hope you liked this post!


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