Thursday, 12 January 2012

D.I.Y Studded Shoulder Denim Look Jacket

I got a bit bored tonight and thought I'd use an old jacket and old studs to make a studded denim jacket that reminded me a bit of one I saw from Ragged Priest:

This was kind of a practice run as I'm planning on getting an oversized denim jacket and cone shaped studs to make a jacket that looks more similar to the Ragged Priest one but my friend liked what I'd ended up with and has decided to buy it from me!

All I used was some pyramid shaped claw studs that you just pop in, because the material isn't actually denim and is quite thin I didn't even have to use anything to punch a hole first in the material, the studs did the job!

 I only had 40 studs left from previously studding something else so it's not as 'blingy' as I would of liked to have made it but it still stands out!

This jacket's a UK size 14 and form fitted to that figure so I would recommend this to a smaller size if they wanted the 'Ragged Priest' over sized jacket look.

Have you re-vamped any of your old clothing items recently?


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