Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday Freebie!

Recently I saw a great promotion for '50 Free Facebook Timeline Business Cards' from advertised on my favourite freebie site 'MagicFreebiesUK'

All it required you to do was have the new Facebook timeline layout and simply go to your 'About' section on your profile, scroll to 'Contact Info' and click the little 'business card' looking icon next to the header, from there it will show you a version of what your personal business card would look like using your Facebook timeline cover photo and you have to click where it says 'Print Cards' and it will forward you to where you simply edit what you want your card to look like/say etc. and you get a free box of 50 cards, free delivery and all! 

(This needs to be done a personal Facebook profile, no fan pages!)

I thought this would come in handy for my blog as it's kind of hard to spell my blog link to people all the time!

Here's what my cards ended up like!

On the back you can add your contact information and also a 'quote', I didn't know what to put so I just described myself haha 'blonde hair, red lips'. 

Are you going to snap up this freebie too?



  1. they look awesome!! tempted to make facebook just to try these out :)

    1. you should! proper awesome freebie!

  2. ooh it looks like a great idea! I'll definitely need to look into those.


  3. Just seen this, awesome! Thanks for the tip lady.

    (Paid delivery, but still, what a steal!)