Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Glossybox February '12 - London Fashion Week Edition

Here's this months Glossybox post, The first box in  ages I've actually been happy with all the products!

This months box was themed around London Fashion Week and they describe this box as having '5 fabulous ssentials to keep you looking your fashionable best'!

I have yet to try the imPress nails but they are literally stick on nails so it's not rocket science! I absolutely love the shade I was given and the sizing of the nails are perfect for me as I have teeny tiny fingers in general! Glossybox stated that to buy these brand new they cost £17.40 but I noticed last week they have recently arrived in Boots for only £8.99 (which I don't think is even a promotion price) so it's nice to see they are now easily accessible should I wish to repurchase!

I think the Paul Mitchell Quick Slip styling cream has to be my favourite item in the box, definitely going to be something I will re-purchase, I use my Babyliss Wave Envy styler quite frequently for nights out and I used this product the other night and it really did make a difference, not only did it cut blow drying time (as it claimed it did anyway) but it also made my hair softer which allowed the Wave Envy styler to make my hair that extra bit wavy and I was so impressed with the results! This is normally £14 full size but I managed to find a few lurking about on eBay for just under £10.

The DuWop venom gloss wasn't really something I'd use, I loveee the colour as it will go with pretty much anything but not only do I hate lip glosses in the first place but I absolutely despise the plumping ones! I put this on my lips and liked the look and colour on me but the tingling was driving me insane, it never seemed to stop! It's still nice to have but I doubt it will get much use! 

I was excited to see an eye-shadow in the box as I really enjoy getting make-up products in beauty boxes as I'll usually use make-up more than skincare haha! I was quite lucky to get a black shadow as some people got completely unusable colours (like pink for example, even though I think if I got pink I would of used it as a blush instead!) and even though a lot of people have said the black is sooo pigmented and they won't use it, for me this blended out really well and ended up a dark grey colour rather than black and was actually a really nice colour! 

Lastly is the Como Shambhala Invigorate Shower Gel, Another product I am yet to try out but the smell is reaaaally delicious, a mix of peppermint and lavender and some other scents! I'm not a huge fan of lavender but I really like that this smells of peppermint, It's more of an unusual smell for a shower gel. This product is quite expensive to buy full size at £20.

Overall, I'm really lucky to have gotten the box I did, some people had products in their box that I would never use, and I know there was controversy on Glossybox's Facebook page about some people getting box values of £14 when others had boxes worth £35! I guess that's the curse of the beauty boxes, some months you get a good box and other month's you get dreadful ones! 

I hope you enjoyed this post!


Monday, 20 February 2012

Collective Haul!

 Here's a haul of a few things I've bought recently :)

Fruity Citrus Shampoo - Wilkinson - Around £1.90 (2 for £2 offer)
I needed a new shampoo because I was running out and wanted to try one that would be smoothing and not dry out my hair as the majority of shampoos seem to! I tried this the other day, It did the job pretty good, wasn't amazing but oh well! The smell is incredible, It's a scent made of Oranges, Tangerines & Mandarins :)

Fruity Citrus Hair Mist - Wilkinson - Around £1.90 (2 for £2 offer)
Wilkinson had a 2 for £2 offer on their Fruity hair range so I decided to get this Hair Mist as well as the Shampoo. I hate buying lush smelling shampoos or conditioners when the scent never sticks to my hair so this product is a great idea, It's like perfume for your hair on top of already helping to hydrate.

Small 'Fluffy Towels' Candle Jar - Yankee Candle - £5.99 (RRP: £7.99)
Clinton Cards had an offer where you get 25% off the Fluffy Towels candles which I've been lusting over for agessssss now! A relative was kind enough to buy me the small one as a gift because I love the smell so much! 

Eye-Shadow Brush - H&M - £1.99
I thought this would come in handy, I'm starting to like 'blending' eye-shadow brushes, I do use brushes like these to blend out harsh lines but for main application I've been using plain old foam applicators for years!

Leopard Suede Lace Up Wedges - H&M - Around £2/£3 (RRP: £19.99)
I already have these shoes in Black but I've been lusting after the leopard ones for a while! You're probably wondering how I got these for only £2 haha! On the website for a few days the shoes went down to £9.99 in the sale (they've now gone back to full price) and I've known for a while now that you can use 2 discount codes in conjunction with each other on there so I did some researching on Google and managed to find a discount for £5 off and a discount for 25% off the most expensive item, so altogether (with the eye-shadow brush shown above) my order came to £4.38 (then £3.90 p&p) so the shoes were pretty much £2 for me!

Shoes from the front 

Speckle Neppy Panel Sweat - Topshop - £17 (RRP: £26)
I went in Topshop the other day planning to buy some jewellery with the £4.20 left on my Gift Card from Christmas and ended up falling in love with this jumper! This jumper in particular had some itching on the back so I managed to query a sales assistant about it and because it was the only one in the shop they had in my size they decided to let me have 15% discount on it, which was another £3.80 off on top of my gift card balance so this was only £17 and I managed to fix the itching on the jumper too, win win!

Speckle detail on the jumper

 Lace Back Sheer Black Blouse - High Street Fashion Shop - £9
You might of seen this in my last OOTD post, I thought this was such a bargain when I found it, I had to share! High Street Fashion Shop is a website I've recently come across due to seeing advertising in big magazines like Cosmo. The pictures are quite hard to see the top properly due to the sheerness of it, But the front is sheer black chiffon and the back is lace. I've been wanting a sheer black blouse for ages and most blouses were too sheer that they looked unflattering on me, This one is perfect!

Front of the blouse

Back of the blouse

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Saturday, 18 February 2012

7 Deadly Sins

I've seen the '7 Deadly Sins' tag around the YouTube world and thought I would do my own written rendition!

What is your most expensive beauty product? What is your most inexpensive beauty product?

This is the most expensive beauty product I own, I'm normally really good with make-up and try to buy the majority of my stuff from cheaper brands, but after seeing tons of reviews I really wanted to try the Benefit Porefessional, I really love the product and I can see why it's expensive but I don't think it's something I NEED as I already have a perfectly good cheap primer!

I have quite a few make-up products around the same price but I chose this as my 'inexpensive' beauty product as I use it most frequently out of my cheaper products (as you can see the gel has turned brown haha), I use this every day without fail to set my brows, I would rather use this then spend money for an expensive brow gel, because this does the job brilliantly! 

 What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What has been the hardest to find?

Wet 'N' Wild Mega Last lipstick in Vamp It Up (919B) - Around $3 (purchased mine from eBay!)
I absolutely love this colour and got this lipstick as a dupe for MAC's Smoked Purple but no matter how lovely the colour is the lipstick bleeds quite easily and goes a bit drying on your lips so you're having to reapply constantly! It was pretty annoying because when a colour like that starts bleeding I ended up looking like I have some kind of disease on my lips D: So it's so annoying because when you put the product on it looks lovely but after a while it just ends up disastrous! 

I purchased this product right when it first came out and it was absolutely impossible to get as it was out of stock everywhere and was selling on eBay for around £90! But I managed to find a great seller on eBay who was selling as 'Buy It Now' for only around £33 so I was quite lucky! I also got the first edition of the palette which is with the double ended eye-liner as they had to stop making it with the eye-liners because it was either costing them too much or they couldn't make them quick enough (the palettes now come with a eye-shadow brush instead.)

 What are your most delicious beauty products?

Benefit Powda Wowza (£19.50) & Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer in shade 51 (£6.99)
I think these two products are the most delicious because of their smells, The Powda Wowza blushes and bronzer have a really nice scent and I've never owned any blushes that have a smell before haha! The Bourjois bronzer is well known for being called the 'chocolate bronzer' because it looks like chocolate and smells like it! They don't sell the Powda Wowza anymore which is a shame as it was a great trio!

What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness? 

I got this product free with my Urban Decay Naked Palette but I think this is definitely one of the products I neglect, normally I can't be bothered to apply eye-shadow primer as I'm still not convinced it makes a huge difference! When I apply my foundation I put it on my eye-lids to make an even base for eye-shadow so I don't need the primer for that reason but sometimes when I feel like making more of an effort I do use this!

What beauty product gives you more confidence?

Bronzer, Concealer & Foundation
These are definitely the products that give me the most confidence, Foundation & Concealer because they make my skin look flawless because I've always had problematic skin! Bronzer because it gives the illusion that I have cheekbones (as I am convinced I have the chubbiest cheeks ever!). I don't think I could pick just one product!

What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

(Didn't really have any pictures relevant to this question so here's a photo of me and my boyfriend!)

I love blue eyes and blonde hair on a guy, seems relevant as my boyfriend has both of those qualities, and I also love a nice bum and a nice smile on a guy! hehe :) Besides the physical attributes I like a man who's intelligent and can make me laugh :)

What item would you most like to receive as a gift?

Expensive Make-Up e.g. MAC
If someone bought me expensive make-up like MAC or Benefit I would be over the moon, I don't buy that much expensive stuff myself but I'd definitely be up for receiving it as gifts :P

Hope you liked this post, It's a bit of a change to the video versions people have been doing!


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

OOTD - Black Sheer Blouse

I went out on saturday night and thought I would show what I wore!

(these pics were taken yesterday, not on the actual night I wore this outfit, that's why my hair is up and scruffy haha!)

If  you want to see what my hair & make-up looked like go to my last post : here

Denim Jacket - Lee Men's Jacket from eBay (DIY Studded) - Around £23 W/Studs

Lace Back Sheer Black Blouse - High Street Fashion Shop - £9
Black Strappy Top (for layering) - Primark - £2
Black Leggings - H&M - £5.99

Cross Necklace - Topshop - £8.50

to show you what the lace back looks like in the mirror!

Dangly Star Earrings - Primark - Unknown price (Xmas gift!)

Lace Up Black Wedges - H&M - £19.99

Gold Bracelet - H&M - Under £6? (bought a few months ago!)

Left Ring: Isabella Ring - Kurt Geiger - £15 (bought with free Elle £20 gift card)
Right Ring: Matalan - £5 

Hope you liked this post!


Sunday, 12 February 2012

FOTN - 11/02/12

I went out last night and thought I would show you guys my make-up :)

I decided to wear a black sheer blouse so I didn't think I could get away with brown eye-shadow but I was wearing dark red lipstick so I didn't want to use grey/black shadows as I thought it would look too much! 

Eye-shadow: Sleek i-Divine Palette in Storm (2nd colour in from the left on the top row [on the eye-lid] and 2nd colour in from the left on the bottom row [on the crease and outer corner])
Eye-liner: Eyeko Felt Tip Liner Pen in Black (winged liner on the lid) and Collection 2000 Kohl Pencil in Black (water line)

Quite an expensive 'Face Of The Night' with the majority being high-end make-up, but I love saving my expensive products for nights out! 

Hope you enjoyed this post :)


Friday, 10 February 2012

OOTD - Denim & Crosses

I got bored the other night so decided to rummage through my wardrobe and come out with an outfit idea.. This is what I ended up with!

(ignore the fluffy socks!)

Denim Jacket - Lee Men's Jacket from eBay (DIY Studded) - Around £23 W/Studs
Jewelled Cross Tee - Urban Outfitters - Around £28? 
Studded Belt - Primark (Bought about 5 years ago!) - Around £3 probably!
'Zombie' Coloured Leggings - Primark (circa 2010/11) - £8-£10
Cross Necklace - Topshop - £8.50

You can kind of see what I mean by 'Zombie' coloured, They're like a faded grey sort of patchy 'grungy' effect!

This is my first outfit post since October so I hope you like it, I haven't really been confident enough to do outfit posts recently but hopefully I can turn that around now!


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bargain Trends!

Recently I've spotted a few bargain gems online and thought I would share on you! 
photo credit - pauls-boutique.com

I've been obsessed with this Paul's Boutique bags for a while now and I always wanted this bag but could never justify spending £61 on a bag...

photo credit - selectfashion.co.uk

..but the other day I came across this on the Select website and straight away it reminded me of the Paul's Boutique bag, it's not perfect and obviously isn't of the same quality etc. but it's very 'inspired' with the added key ring and the bags shape.

photo credit - topshop.com

Another thing I noticed recently on the Topshop website is 'Baroque' is becoming a big trend this month and I also recently got an e-mail from Chiara Fashion stating about their new Baroque items for a much smaller price.

photo credit - topshop.com


photo credit - chiarafashion.co.uk


I think it's definitely worth a look around if you want a look for less!

Let me know if you like seeing these type of posts and would like to see more :)


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Topshop/E.L.F Haul

Thought I would do a small haul on some things I've picked up recently :) I got a small thing from Topshop and decided to buy a few things from E.L.F as they had a special 'Flash Mob' deal going on where if you spent over £10 and used this special code you could get a free mystery bag and free shipping! I'm not going to show you the mystery bag because I've kept it back as a gift for someone! 

I have been lusting after this for a while after seeing it eveeeeerywhere online haha and I had £13 left on my Topshop gift card from Christmas so I thought I'd pick this up! I probably have way too many things with crosses on it by now but I don't have any simple short necklaces, only big chunky things! 

Thought I would try the ELF blush brush, I've heard people talk about it positively online and I don't actually own a normal blush brush, I only own angled contouring brushes which I use for blush so I decided I needed one :P

I already actually own one of these brushes as previously posted here and originally I didn't like it, because I was using it to apply powder which it was just tooo dense for (for my liking anyway) and seemed to make my make-up cakey from over buffing! So I decided to use it the way sooo many people have online which is for liquid foundation and I fell in love! It is amazing, and my friend even borrowed it one day and also fell in love with it! I decided it was time I bought a back-up because I don't think I will ever go back from using this brush, It makes my make-up flawless!

I originally heard of this through a youtuber, Becca (voussontbeauetbelle) and she really liked this product saying it made a big difference to your lashes, So I decided to Google for reviews/pictures etc. and found a blogger which had taken a picture of one eye with her usual mascara alone and one eye with her usual mascara plus the E.L.F mascara primer and you could so blatantly see the difference! I've now used this twice and I can confirm it is wonderful! Even if this were a normal black mascara it would be perfect on it's own (the primer itself is white but normal mascara covers this without a problem!). It also softens your lashes and makes it less likely to clump, which is a bonus! 

 I love the Studio Matte Lip colours and I have bought them before, There are 4 shades and I have 3/4 (Coral, Natural and Praline), They are lovely consistency and easy to apply. I decided to buy the last colour (Tea Rose) but I was a little bit on edge as I've heard of so many people purchasing this and complaining it was too purple toned that it made you look like you have "liver disease" etc., I've tried this once at night-time and I couldn't really see the colour that effectively but I actually quite like it, I was hoping it would actually be more purple toned as I like darker/more unusual lip colours and tend to stray away from pinks/bright colours but this colour was very natural on me and was similar to the colour of my lips.. but it is a little bit more 'ill' looking because it isn't drastic/dramatic enough haha, So I think my favourite Matte Lip Colour will continue to be 'Praline'!

That's all for today,

Hope you enjoyed :)