Monday, 20 February 2012

Collective Haul!

 Here's a haul of a few things I've bought recently :)

Fruity Citrus Shampoo - Wilkinson - Around £1.90 (2 for £2 offer)
I needed a new shampoo because I was running out and wanted to try one that would be smoothing and not dry out my hair as the majority of shampoos seem to! I tried this the other day, It did the job pretty good, wasn't amazing but oh well! The smell is incredible, It's a scent made of Oranges, Tangerines & Mandarins :)

Fruity Citrus Hair Mist - Wilkinson - Around £1.90 (2 for £2 offer)
Wilkinson had a 2 for £2 offer on their Fruity hair range so I decided to get this Hair Mist as well as the Shampoo. I hate buying lush smelling shampoos or conditioners when the scent never sticks to my hair so this product is a great idea, It's like perfume for your hair on top of already helping to hydrate.

Small 'Fluffy Towels' Candle Jar - Yankee Candle - £5.99 (RRP: £7.99)
Clinton Cards had an offer where you get 25% off the Fluffy Towels candles which I've been lusting over for agessssss now! A relative was kind enough to buy me the small one as a gift because I love the smell so much! 

Eye-Shadow Brush - H&M - £1.99
I thought this would come in handy, I'm starting to like 'blending' eye-shadow brushes, I do use brushes like these to blend out harsh lines but for main application I've been using plain old foam applicators for years!

Leopard Suede Lace Up Wedges - H&M - Around £2/£3 (RRP: £19.99)
I already have these shoes in Black but I've been lusting after the leopard ones for a while! You're probably wondering how I got these for only £2 haha! On the website for a few days the shoes went down to £9.99 in the sale (they've now gone back to full price) and I've known for a while now that you can use 2 discount codes in conjunction with each other on there so I did some researching on Google and managed to find a discount for £5 off and a discount for 25% off the most expensive item, so altogether (with the eye-shadow brush shown above) my order came to £4.38 (then £3.90 p&p) so the shoes were pretty much £2 for me!

Shoes from the front 

Speckle Neppy Panel Sweat - Topshop - £17 (RRP: £26)
I went in Topshop the other day planning to buy some jewellery with the £4.20 left on my Gift Card from Christmas and ended up falling in love with this jumper! This jumper in particular had some itching on the back so I managed to query a sales assistant about it and because it was the only one in the shop they had in my size they decided to let me have 15% discount on it, which was another £3.80 off on top of my gift card balance so this was only £17 and I managed to fix the itching on the jumper too, win win!

Speckle detail on the jumper

 Lace Back Sheer Black Blouse - High Street Fashion Shop - £9
You might of seen this in my last OOTD post, I thought this was such a bargain when I found it, I had to share! High Street Fashion Shop is a website I've recently come across due to seeing advertising in big magazines like Cosmo. The pictures are quite hard to see the top properly due to the sheerness of it, But the front is sheer black chiffon and the back is lace. I've been wanting a sheer black blouse for ages and most blouses were too sheer that they looked unflattering on me, This one is perfect!

Front of the blouse

Back of the blouse

Hope you enjoyed this post!



  1. The leopard print shoes are fab!

  2. The leopard print shoes were such a steal! Just shows hunting about for voucher codes can make a massive difference :)

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