Wednesday, 1 February 2012

D.I.Y Cone Stud Denim Jacket (Ragged Priest Inspired)

After seeing the 'Gnarly Studded Denim Jacket' on the Ragged Priest website I was inspired to make a lookalike item as I could never justify spending £90 on a jacket I could so easily make myself!

I purchased identical tall cone studs from  (this made it cheaper because it was in dollars) for $4 and about $7 postage which converted to British pounds made it only £7 for a bag of 100 when British stud websites were selling the same for a minimum of £11!  

Then I browsed around eBay for a cheap men's denim jacket, The ragged priest one is oversized and not really a 'girl' fit so this is why I went for men's! I managed to find one to bid on and ended up winning it for £16.50 so altogether my jacket ended up at £23, saving a massive £67 on the Ragged Priest version!

It was pretty simple to insert the studs as the studs were quite sharp and pierced through the denim without me having to make a hole first. I followed the same pattern as the ragged priest one by placing the studs in an Oval shape so it would lay nicely on the shoulder, I found the most difficult part wasn't the studding but was actually getting the shape just right! The stud backs were very stiff so in the beginning I was using the back of a knife to close the backs into place but eventually had to use pliers as it was hurting my hands too much!

The finished jacket! (Had to fold up the sleeves because the arms were too long else!)

Ignore the panda PJ's he he he!

I wore this out the other night and had so many compliments on the jacket!

Hope you liked this post!



  1. Lozz you look gorgeous and I love the jacket! I have a denim jacket that I got in Camden last year, think I might do something similar to it xo

    1. you should! it's a good thing to keep you busy if you have nothing to do!

  2. I would love to be able to stud clothes but I'm useless at anything creative and could see it all going wrong! Really like your lipstick xxx