Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday Freebies!

Thought I'd show everyone a few freebie's I've received this week! 

As you may or may not know I am completely obsessed with the MagicFreebiesUK website as I love getting samples and free stuff!

Firstly they had found a freebie from this company named '' where If you liked their Facebook page and signed up to their newsletter they would send you a packet of nail foils

Unfortunately this offer is has already ended as they only had around 100 packets to give out but I would recommend liking their page anyway just in case they do any more promotions similar to this, I saw from their page other people had received free travel mirrors which I think was from an earlier promotion.

Secondly, MagicFreebiesUK have a section of their website where they inform you of 'Freebies From Magazines', (which obviously states what it is in the name) and they reported that Elle Magazine were giving away a free full-sized 'Thick & Fast' Soap & Glory mascara worth £10! Coincidently, I had been lusting after this mascara for a few weeks now after seeing it had wonderful reviews (5/5 stars) on

I can definitely confirm it is indeed full size as to buy the mascara new the size is 10ml, and the freebie received in Elle magazine is 10ml also! The magazine is only £3.90 so I highly recommend snapping up this freebie as I think they will go quickly!

Hope you liked this post!


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