Friday, 3 February 2012

Get To Know Me...

Having a bit of writer's block at the moment so thought I would join in on the 'Get to know me' tag!

Vital Stats
Name: Lozz (Real name being Lauren but I go by Lozz 'cause I hate Lauren!)
Nicknames: Lozzii, Lozziibean.
Birthday: 7th July 1993.
Place of Birth: Devon, UK.
Zodiac sign: Cancer.

Hair colour: Platinum Blonde (naturally mousy brown).
Hair length: Long (almost to waist!)

Eye colour: Hazel.
Best feature: I used to say my eyes but I've had so many compliments on my hair since it's gotten long so I'd say hair!
Braces: Used to but not anymore!

Piercings: Ear lobes and Monroe.
Tattoos: None.
Righty or Lefty: Lefty.


Best friend: A girl called Abi in Primary School.

Award: Wasn't really the award winner but I did get an award for outstanding progress in GCSE music ;)

Sport: I don't do sports haha! 

Real holiday: Tenerife when I was like 6/7.

Concert: Funeral for a friend when I was 12/13 haha!


Film: Way too many, I love chick flicks, they're normally the movies I have to watch the moment a new one comes out.

TV Show: Again way too many, but my all time faves are One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, 90210, Gossip Girl...that sorta thing!

Colour: I really like navy blue but I'm very into dark purple and green at the moment!

Song: Too many but I love anything by Dallas Green, Lights and general acoustic/alternative sort of things mainly but I listen to anything and everything that takes my fancy!

Restaurant: I don't really have a favourite 'Restaurant' but it's got to be Dominos Pizza ;)

Store: H&M, Primark, I do like Topshop but I prefer finding bargains elsewhere! and generally the internet is my favourite store of all :P

Book: I love fantasy/supernatural books, I love the Twilight Saga, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Vampire Diaries Series etc.
Magazine: Cosmopolitan or Glamour.
Shoes: Probably my military boots, Had them for years and wear them almost everyday at the moment with the weather being so cold! And also all the H&M wedge heels I own, They are so comfy!


Feeling: Bored!

Single or Taken: Taken.

Eating: Nothing but I just ate some coco pops :)

Listening to: A movie I'm watching online.

Thinking about: Whether I like this movie or not haha..

Wearing: Pink panda PJ top, Navy blue polka-dot PJ bottoms (Mix 'N' Match) and a black dressing gown :)

Want children: Definitely :)
Want to be married: Definitely too :P
Careers in mind: Trust me I have nooo idea! But I would really like to be self employed and start a business like Grandad did, It's inspired me! Possibly in fashion design/jewellery and hopefully making something of my blog!
Where do you want to live: In an ideal world I'd love to live in America, as would my boyfriend, but we would never leave our family so I wouldn't mind living here in Devon forever, I live in a lovely part of the country, Not really a crime riddled place so it's nice!

Do you believe in
God: I'm not entirely sure, I usually tell people I'm Agnostic, I don't want to rule out God but I don't know if I believe in God either.
Miracles: Sometimes, Some things definitely take me by surprise.
Love at first sight: Lust at first sight really but not necessarily love!
Ghosts: I spend a lot of time saying I don't but I've heard things from family/friends which is a bit curious!
Aliens: I think there is definitely other life out there, Maybe it isn't what we'd imagine them to look like and they might only be tiny organisms but I think there is something!
Soulmates: I do actually :) Some of the things that happened before me and my boyfriend got together were very strange e.g. I knew his sister, his families business and the people who were a big part of his life whilst he was growing up turned out to know my parents and one of them being my mum and dad's best man and my sister's godfather! Yet we never met paths after all the weird ties together!
Heaven: I really don't know, but I'm pulled more to No rather than Yes.
Hell: As above!

Kissing on the first date: It depends, especially on your feelings, but I only have because I was friends with the person before, I'm not sure about a person I just met!
Yourself: Rarely haha but I love the moments where I feel overwhelmingly proud of myself.

Hope you liked learning a little bit about me!