Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Glossybox February '12 - London Fashion Week Edition

Here's this months Glossybox post, The first box in  ages I've actually been happy with all the products!

This months box was themed around London Fashion Week and they describe this box as having '5 fabulous ssentials to keep you looking your fashionable best'!

I have yet to try the imPress nails but they are literally stick on nails so it's not rocket science! I absolutely love the shade I was given and the sizing of the nails are perfect for me as I have teeny tiny fingers in general! Glossybox stated that to buy these brand new they cost £17.40 but I noticed last week they have recently arrived in Boots for only £8.99 (which I don't think is even a promotion price) so it's nice to see they are now easily accessible should I wish to repurchase!

I think the Paul Mitchell Quick Slip styling cream has to be my favourite item in the box, definitely going to be something I will re-purchase, I use my Babyliss Wave Envy styler quite frequently for nights out and I used this product the other night and it really did make a difference, not only did it cut blow drying time (as it claimed it did anyway) but it also made my hair softer which allowed the Wave Envy styler to make my hair that extra bit wavy and I was so impressed with the results! This is normally £14 full size but I managed to find a few lurking about on eBay for just under £10.

The DuWop venom gloss wasn't really something I'd use, I loveee the colour as it will go with pretty much anything but not only do I hate lip glosses in the first place but I absolutely despise the plumping ones! I put this on my lips and liked the look and colour on me but the tingling was driving me insane, it never seemed to stop! It's still nice to have but I doubt it will get much use! 

I was excited to see an eye-shadow in the box as I really enjoy getting make-up products in beauty boxes as I'll usually use make-up more than skincare haha! I was quite lucky to get a black shadow as some people got completely unusable colours (like pink for example, even though I think if I got pink I would of used it as a blush instead!) and even though a lot of people have said the black is sooo pigmented and they won't use it, for me this blended out really well and ended up a dark grey colour rather than black and was actually a really nice colour! 

Lastly is the Como Shambhala Invigorate Shower Gel, Another product I am yet to try out but the smell is reaaaally delicious, a mix of peppermint and lavender and some other scents! I'm not a huge fan of lavender but I really like that this smells of peppermint, It's more of an unusual smell for a shower gel. This product is quite expensive to buy full size at £20.

Overall, I'm really lucky to have gotten the box I did, some people had products in their box that I would never use, and I know there was controversy on Glossybox's Facebook page about some people getting box values of £14 when others had boxes worth £35! I guess that's the curse of the beauty boxes, some months you get a good box and other month's you get dreadful ones! 

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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  1. I wish they did something like Glossybox here in New Zealand!
    Looks like you got some great products to try this month :) i love the packaging of these boxes too, so cute! xx