Sunday, 5 February 2012

Glossybox January '12 - Valentine's Edition (Review)

I've been so up and down with beauty boxes lately I have no idea what to stick with! I cancelled my Glossybox subscription back in November after a bad box and the decided to join FeelUnique and was un-impressed with their December and January boxes! I then was planning to join Carmine, but saw Glossybox had a deal for a half price box if you're a new subscriber, so I decided to join for the 'Valentine's Special Edition' box and got the box for £5 instead of the usual £10 (+ £2.95 postage).

This is the second special edition box Glossybox have done, the first being the December box, I'm a little bit disappointed I cancelled my subscription just before the December box because I was actually pretty impressed what was in that box, but I'm quite happy with what was in this box too. 

There was 3 variations of the January box I saw they posted on their blog and I was lucky enough to get the one I was hoping for (The difference was I got the Orly nail polish and Weleda cleanser/toner when other people got a duo of Clarin's firming creams or 2 Davine's products and also either got the F.A.B body wash or the body moisturiser)

I was glad I received the F.A.B body wash over the moisturiser..not really a moisturiser person besides a mattifying one that I use for my face!  I've tried the body wash a few times and it is fragrance free but it's sooo soft and creamy I don't actually mind it not having a nice smell to it! 

I'm not quite sure what to make of the Weleda cleanser/toner, It's in a tiny 10ml vial and the consistency is thin and it just looks identical to milk.. It would probably be best applied onto a muslin cloth and then rubbed in because if you put it in your hands it's as hard as holding water! It does make my skin feel quite clean afterwards but definitely not as clean and fresh as using something like Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

I was really glad to see a full sized product in the box and that it was Eyeko as I currently use an Eyeko product in my day-to-day make-up routine. I got the pencil eye-liner in Plum, I was kind of hoping to get the Powder Pink one for a wide-eyed look but after looking at swatches I don't think it would of showed up well enough or been bright enough for me so out of all the colours I would of rather had Emerald Green or Plum so I'm glad I got Plum! It's a very browny purple and when it's on the waterline just looks brown anyway, so it goes very well with a neutral eye.

It was exciting to see a primer in the box as I have a current obsession with primers, but the Murad one wasn't all that great, It's tinted and looks like a very thin foundation and does blend in well but because of the colour being so dark I swear it still leaves orangey patches on me! It also has a Dewy finish so for someone who has oily skin I was a bit worried about this, plus it was sooo glittery when I tried it on my hand!?! But when I used it properly and applied my foundation over it the finish looked pretty matte, I don't know whether it's very good at pro-longing my foundation but at least I know it's something I can use when I run out of my usual primer! 

Lastly was the Orly nail polish in Ruby, I liked the colour because I LOVE dark red and I've heard of the brand before so I gave it a try and the application was simple, it seems pretty chip-resistant and I only needed around 2 coats to cover a nail mainly because you needed the extra coat to show up the dark red colour.

Eyeko liner in Plum - Pencil & Swatch

A really nice final touch to the box was this 'stick of rock' type sweet that said 'Glossybox' on it, thought it was a lovely extra and it tasted yummmmyyy! On top of the fact the box is hot pink instead of the usual pale pink and also has a heart shaped sticker on the packaging instead of the usual crown sticker! 

Hope you enjoyed this massively long post, really trying to cut down on the babble but I wanted to give a full review since I tried out all the products and I know for some people it's frustrating to see beauty box posts when no one has actually tried any of the products they've received! 



  1. What a bargain for £5 , are they still offering a half price box for new subscribers? I'm very tempted!

    Karys x

  2. I've heard an endless amount of good things about Glossybox! I must try it!

    found the route

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