Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Topshop/E.L.F Haul

Thought I would do a small haul on some things I've picked up recently :) I got a small thing from Topshop and decided to buy a few things from E.L.F as they had a special 'Flash Mob' deal going on where if you spent over £10 and used this special code you could get a free mystery bag and free shipping! I'm not going to show you the mystery bag because I've kept it back as a gift for someone! 

I have been lusting after this for a while after seeing it eveeeeerywhere online haha and I had £13 left on my Topshop gift card from Christmas so I thought I'd pick this up! I probably have way too many things with crosses on it by now but I don't have any simple short necklaces, only big chunky things! 

Thought I would try the ELF blush brush, I've heard people talk about it positively online and I don't actually own a normal blush brush, I only own angled contouring brushes which I use for blush so I decided I needed one :P

I already actually own one of these brushes as previously posted here and originally I didn't like it, because I was using it to apply powder which it was just tooo dense for (for my liking anyway) and seemed to make my make-up cakey from over buffing! So I decided to use it the way sooo many people have online which is for liquid foundation and I fell in love! It is amazing, and my friend even borrowed it one day and also fell in love with it! I decided it was time I bought a back-up because I don't think I will ever go back from using this brush, It makes my make-up flawless!

I originally heard of this through a youtuber, Becca (voussontbeauetbelle) and she really liked this product saying it made a big difference to your lashes, So I decided to Google for reviews/pictures etc. and found a blogger which had taken a picture of one eye with her usual mascara alone and one eye with her usual mascara plus the E.L.F mascara primer and you could so blatantly see the difference! I've now used this twice and I can confirm it is wonderful! Even if this were a normal black mascara it would be perfect on it's own (the primer itself is white but normal mascara covers this without a problem!). It also softens your lashes and makes it less likely to clump, which is a bonus! 

 I love the Studio Matte Lip colours and I have bought them before, There are 4 shades and I have 3/4 (Coral, Natural and Praline), They are lovely consistency and easy to apply. I decided to buy the last colour (Tea Rose) but I was a little bit on edge as I've heard of so many people purchasing this and complaining it was too purple toned that it made you look like you have "liver disease" etc., I've tried this once at night-time and I couldn't really see the colour that effectively but I actually quite like it, I was hoping it would actually be more purple toned as I like darker/more unusual lip colours and tend to stray away from pinks/bright colours but this colour was very natural on me and was similar to the colour of my lips.. but it is a little bit more 'ill' looking because it isn't drastic/dramatic enough haha, So I think my favourite Matte Lip Colour will continue to be 'Praline'!

That's all for today,

Hope you enjoyed :)



  1. Great buys, I love make up brushes, I will check the ELF ones out :)

    Karys x

  2. That necklace is amazing! I really need to check Elf brushes out too x