Thursday, 8 March 2012

Collective Haul for February/March!

Here's a collective haul over February-March, I've been buying quite a bit recently as I just got a new job so I have an income hurray! :P

Satin finish lipstick in Cyber - M.A.C Cosmetics- £13.50
I've wanted a high end dark purple lipstick for ages, I wanted a high end one because the quality is generally better and I loved how this was a satin finish instead of matte as when the lipstick starts to come off after a few hours it doesn't leave your lips dry and weird looking! I still did find that this lipstick on a night out still needed a fair bit of re-application though!

I've been looking for a cheaper powder for a while now, I normally use L'Oreal True Match powder as my day-to-day but it's £8 and even though it does last a fair while I wanted to see if I could find a good enough one even cheaper! This 17 powder was the closest I found colour wise, A lot of powders were either too orange or too white and I saw this one and it's a perfect match! I'm still yet to see whether it's long lasting or not so I will have to wait and see!

I've been wanting to try the Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream for a while now and after I found out that I had gotten my new job I decided to treat myself with this little Benefit mini's skincare set! I've only used the eye cream twice and I swear it's made a difference! The toning lotion is also good to get rid of all the extra dirt that normal cleansing doesn't shift! I haven't used enough of the others yet to make a comment but they all smell aaaaamazing! 

I've been lusting over wet look leggings again but nearly all the ones I've tried on have just looked so unflattering on my bigger thighs! These ones are perfect for me! They might still not be to everyone's taste but I love the cotton back as I'm not a huge fan of the backs of my legs so these are ideal for me! I probably wouldn't wear them with a top tucked in but I wanted to show the zip anyway! 

Oversized Blouses with Tie up bow - Primark - £12 each
My new favourite blouses at the moment, The bow is detachable so you can just wear them as plain oversized blouses If you like (which is mainly why I got the black one as I wouldn't normally wear the cream tie up with it!) You probably saw the cream one in my last outfit of the day, They are very big so If you buy one I would recommend getting a size smaller than you are!

Oversized White Shirt - White Label @ Republic - £15
I actually only bought this today! Last night I was looking for a plain white oversized top because I don't have one and it's a wardrobe staple in my eyes! I found this through googling and didn't think it would be loose on me and would be clingy and horrible but I decided to find it in store and try it on and it's perfect! The shape is that of a fitted shirt but the arms and stomach area are loose which makes me love it! I also love the little tie up at the belly, I think it's a perfect day-to-night blouse for spring/summer!

Burgundy Suede Skirt - Primark - £4
I purchased this skirt when I bought the Primark blouses and this skirt was also in my last outfit of the day, These skirts were sold out in every size except 18s & 20s which were too big and I wanted it tight fitted but I managed to find a size 12 on it's own and I didn't think it would fit me for a second considering I'm normally a size 16 (and a 14 in these mini skirts) but it's a perfect fit!

Sweetheart Earrings - Me + eBay finds - Around £6/£7
I made these earrings myself after lusting over the Tumblr famous sweetheart earrings, The original cost around £10 including postage and I couldn't justify paying that when they didn't even have the colours I wanted, so I decided to make my own, I purchased 2 sweetheart pendants off an eBay seller for £1.40 each with around £2 postage, and I bought these silver bow earrings for around £2/£3 to connect to the pendants (I would of made the earring/bow part myself but I didn't have a clue on how to put a bow on an earring so I gave up and bought some ready made earrings :P), This is what I ended up with!

Hope you liked this post!

What have you purchased lately?


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  1. That NO. 17 pressed powder is amaze :) I swear by it!!