Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Freebie!

A few weeks ago I saw a freebie on MagicFreebiesUK for free rosary beads, I'm not religious and I know some people might disagree with non-religious people wearing religious symbols but I do generally find some religious traditions really interesting and the rosary beads I found particularly intriguing, I'll only wear them for fashion purposes but these free rosary beads actually came with instructions on how to pray and what each specific bead means to pray for, it's actually really fascinating!

Here are the beads I received for free, I got a baby pink colour, I'm unsure whether you can receive these in any other colours but you can find this freebie:

It takes around 10-12 weeks to arrive as they are in popular demand, I think I ordered mine back in early January and received them in mid February? Even though it's a long wait, I think they are a great freebie and it's really nice to wear with a buttoned up shirt!

Hope you liked this post!


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