Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Glossybox March '12 - The Harrods Edition

This month's Glossybox is a special 'Harrods' edition, Glossybox have teamed up with the UK high end department store to give a very luxurious box this time round! The box itself is white with the Harrods logo shown and states 'The Harrods Edition'. When I first received it I was quite gutted because I didn't receive some items that I was hoping for after seeing Glossybox posts from other bloggers (e.g. Burberry lipstick, YSL serum, Ojon products!) But to be honest the brands I received in this box are very very good! Bliss, Lancome, Revive, Versace and Clarins, I've heard of all but one of this brands before (Revive being the one I hadn't heard of!). 

The body butter smells amazing, I don't actually own any body butter and even though I don't usually use products like these it's nice to have to encourage me to nourish my skin a lot more haha! I was excited to see a Lancome make-up product and I have owned a juicy tube lip-gloss when I was about 13/14 but I just do not wear lip-gloss I hate the look on me so this will either be swapped with someone or kept for someone's birthday etc.! The smell isn't also my favourite, it smells of toffee/caramel which I don't really like to smell on a make-up product! Stick with fruity smells please! I couldn't believe my eyes when I found out how much the Revive cream is worth, a full size 60ml tub is £235!!! That makes this 7ml sample worth £27.45 on it's own, how mad is that! I'm hoping the price tag means it will work wonders! I will have to wait and see! The Versace perfume is pretty, it actually smells expensive.. It's nice to see a sample perfume in a little bottle rather than a horrible tester tube that you can easily get from any department store yourself for free, I don't wear perfume that often anyway so I doubt I'll use this but the fact that it's in a nice bottle means this could also make up a gift box for someone's birthday, I think my mum would love this perfume but the smell itself is definitely an all rounder, I don't think it's aimed at a specific age group at all! Lastly, the Clarin's body cream, This is a really nice sized 30ml sample, I think I will definitely use this cream as my legs especially need firming & toning! I haven't tried a firming body cream before so it's definitely a first!

Overall, not a bad Glossybox month but I still wish to see more make-up/hair products!

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  1. Wow what a bargain for such lovely products :)

    Karys x

  2. Love your blog. New follower on bloglovin' :) xx

  3. i want to join one of these beauty boxes so bad! i signed up for a few, but am waiting to hear back. ugh...LOL

  4. Question. Do you think Glossybox's are worth it? I've been so tempted for months, but I can't bring myself to buy them.

  5. debating whether to sign up for these bad boys or not!xx