Thursday, 5 April 2012

Collective Haul for March/April 2012! [HEAVY PICTURE POST]

This is a huge collective haul for March, I've been buying like crazy!

Olive Green Baggy Hoody - Mens section @ Primark - £12
I've seen these all over online and I absolutely fell in love with this colour so I thought I'd get it, the weathers been pretty rubbish the last few days and it's come in so handy to snuggle up in and for when I just wanna chuck something on! I have a size XL for a baggy/oversize look.

I've been eyeing up the all over leopard print leggings for ages but on my thick thighs they do not look flattering so I opted for an alternative, these leggings have a leopard panel going down the front and then they are all over black on the back, I absolutely love them! I did have to get a size smaller due to the not so good quality.

The hoodie/leggings as an outfit

2 Pack Skull Headbands/Bandanas - Primark - £2.50
Great for summer and they also do these in a bright blue/orange pack too I think!

Gold 7cm Hoop Earrings - eBay - £2.74 (inc. p&p)
Really been wanting some gold thin hoops for ages now, I think they are starting to become a good trend again, They do multi-packs of hoops in Silver/Gold in Primark for only £1 for about 5 sets of earrings so I was disappointed to find that out after I bought these!

Vintage 80's Real Leather Biker Jacket - eBay - £34 (inc. p&p)
Absolutely in love with this, I saw the eBay listing when it had 30 seconds to go, it was a starting bid of £30 (with £4 postage) and there were no bids on it, so I swooped in at the last minute and bidded! It's real leather, vintage 80's, and it weighs about 7 lbs so this will probably be saved for winter as due to the weight/thickness I would probably sweat to death haha!

Aztec Black/White Print Sheer Chiffon Shirt - Primark - £10
I only bought this yesterday, They only had a size smaller and a size bigger than what I am so I opted to try the size smaller and it's actually (unbelievably) a perfect fit!

Aztec shirt with black leggings & F21 spike necklace

Vertical Stripe Shirt - Topshop - £38
The most expensive of my purchases recently but I really love this shirt, It's great for all sizes, It's not too oversized that it drowns smaller sizes and it's just the right type of fitted for bigger sizes, It falls in just the right way, no button bursting, but it's also not too big that it makes me look bigger than I am ! The material is lovely with a chiffon feel and slightly sheer, not as sheer as everyone makes out to be, and I would know because I absolutely hate really sheer things on me! The vertical stripes are also incredibly flattering and the sleeves are looser and slightly puffy on the shoulders which evens out my figure so much better! I thought the length might lay funny on the love handles and cut me off in the wrong way but it is just perfect! Can't recommend this enough, This is my new favourite shirt!

How I wore the shirt the other night, I used the bow from a Primark blouse I showed in my last haul.

Lee Tartan Oversize Shirt - eBay - £10.50 (inc. p&p)
I literally spent several hours searching eBay for the perfect tartan shirt and I could not find any, then one day I saw a girl had put up a men's shirt but she was around my size and estimated this would fit sizes 12-18 (I honestly don't think it would of fitted a 12, it's still really big on me and i'm a 16!) But I was determined I was going to bid whatever until I won this as I could not find a good one anywhere else! In the end I won it for £8 and £2.50 p&p! 

Tartan shirt with Revlon fire & ice lipstick and curls the other day :)

I hope you liked this post!

The writing is probably pretty rusty as I haven't done a proper blog post in a month so I do apologise!



  1. omg that sweatshirt in the first picture looks sooo comfy!!!

  2. Ou, gash I want to have all the stuff you own!!!

  3. Lovely haul post, I love the headbands!

    Emma x

  4. Some bloody great stuff! Jeal that you have great stores in the UK! We have such crap here I have to buy everything online.