Sunday, 29 April 2012

Glossybox April '12 - The Natural Box

This months Glossybox theme is 'The Natural Box', It's basically a biodegradable box with sand paper coloured tissue paper, A 'ropey' texture bow and instead of the usual black 'confetti' packaging it's a brown neutral colour. The products themselves are all described as 'natural' or 'organic' in some way or form!

Ayuuri 'Neem' Natural Body Wash; Inika Certified Organic Eyeliner in 06 Coco; Figs & Rouge 'Rambling Rose' Lip, Face & Body Balm; Kai Perfume Oil; Caudalie SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum.

This box was actually okay, compared to other people's boxes I got a really good lot of items that I would all use at some point. I'm going to keep the Figs & Rouge lip balm in it's packaging, as I received one of these balms in a previous beauty box and didn't use it then and won't use it now, so I'd rather keep it to give as a gift! I absolutely love the Ayuuri body wash, it smells strongly of tea tree and peppermint and it's a full size 200ml product worth £4.95, I will definitely use this all up! The Inika eye-liner I luckily got in a brown colour, so no doubt I'll use it with a neutral eye or I imagine it would make a good brow pencil but unfortunately for me it's too much of a warm brown and I can only use cool browns on my brows because of my hair colour! The Kai perfume oil is really very nice, I unluckily never seem to be able to wear perfume for long, as it always wears off on me, this stuff is really strong and I could still smell it on myself after several hours! I've received a Caudalie product in a beauty box before, I previously had a body lotion and it was the most gorgeous smelling and smoothing body lotion I've ever tried! I'm still a bit unsure on what this really does, it's pretty much a skin hydrator but I'm not sure how this will work for me because I suffer from oily skin!

All in all, The box is good, I like the products, there's nothing really I wouldn't use or have some use for (even if it's giving it away as a gift) but this is actually my last Glossybox for now, I can't really afford to pay out the £12.95 (inc. p&p) a month for products that I don't really need at the moment!

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  1. ohh wow!!! some great products in there :)

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