Thursday, 31 May 2012

Collective Haul for April/May 2012 [Part 2!]

Here is the 2nd part to my Collective haul for April/May (finally!), I've been waiting for stuff to come in the post etc!

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MAC Reel Sexy Collection Lipstick in Heroine - Debenhams - £13.50
I've been lusting after MAC's Violetta lipstick for a while now and realised it was discontinued so when I saw they were doing a similar shade of lipstick in one of their Spring collections I had to purchase it! I prefer it over Violetta, it's a brighter purple colour whereas Violetta has more of a pink purple shade! This is now sold out on MAC's website and Debenhams so I'm not sure where you can get it now but I absolutely love it, Hopefully when this runs out I will find a dupe elsewhere or they will bring back a similar colour! 

(with flash)

I got these wedges cheaper than £14.99 as I had a few discount codes, You can use two in conjunction with each other as I've said before in previous blog posts, so I think I got these for about  £10 altogether including delivery! There was a £5 off code you could use for literally about 2 years but in my last order I made after these shoes It was taken off as apparently it's a code you're not supposed to use (I rang them up to ask about my discount being taken off) and they said were sending out letters informing everyone? I am still yet to receive any letter from H&M so they're not particularly my favourite brand at the moment for shouting at me down the phone because I used a code I found online on a voucher codes website? Anyway, You've probably seen these around the bloggy universe anyway, they seem to be quite a favourite! 

Gold Spike Necklace - eBay - £2.74
I've seen this around and really liked it but a lot of people got it from ASOS for like £15, it's completely identical to the ASOS one yet mine was just under £3 (I bidded on one though they do have buy it now's for around the same price, I've added a buy it now link!) 

Black & White Striped Chiffon Blouse - eBay - £7.98 (inc. p&p)
You may have seen I recently bought what I like to call a 'Beetlejuice' blouse from Topshop for £38, I couldn't justify keeping something for that price when it was quite simple anyway and when I saw this on eBay for only £8 I decided to take the Topshop shirt back, I thought this one looked 'edgier' with the faux leather collar and cuffs also! It's one size best for sizes UK 8-12 but I went by the measurements and it's the perfect slightly oversized fit for a UK 14-16 but in the eBay photos you can see on the size 8 mannequin that it's very oversized on a small figure. I was pretty happy it fit me considering it wasn't aimed to fit someone my size. I'll be posting a few pictures of recent outfits soon and I have one with this shirt so you can see the fit on my shape! There is also someone selling this in the UK for about £11 (inc. p&p) if you would rather not wait as the seller I bought from was a Chinese seller.

Giorgio Denim Shirt (Size Men's Large) - eBay - £7.50 (inc. p&p)
I thought I would get this shirt as It really reminded me of the Monki denim shirt that I've been eyeing up for a while, I messaged the seller to ask whether they would do a buy it now for this shirt as a lot of denim shirts on eBay tend to be bidded on easily and can end up being about £10 before you know it! The seller accepted £5 excluding postage which I was pretty happy with compared to the Monki shirts being about £30! It's a good oversized fit and thinner than a denim jacket so it's great to wear in the summer months!

White Sheer Cropped Skull Blouse - MissRebel - £17.99
I know it's pretty bad this in part 1 of this haul post I had a similar shirt in black with white skulls but I have such an obsession with skulls at the moment haha! This is also in a Large (12-14) but it's a very giving and loose fit and would probably fit up to a size 18. It's cropped though so I recommend tucking into a skirt etc. unless you like your belly being out! 

This shirt sold out pretty quickly and I think they only have this in other colours left now (Ivory & Navy!) I only have oversized black shirts, I haven't got a slimmer fitting sheer black blouse and I've really wanted one I could tuck into skirts etc. The 'western style' gold collar tips attached to the shirt make it extra special and it goes wonderful with my eBay gold spike necklace! 

I bought this online in the H&M sale, this was the item I purchased when they took off my discount so I wasn't really happy about that but to be fair it was still pretty cheap without the discount! I got a size medium which is a 14-16 and it was actually pretty loose on my waist so I have to wear it with a belt, I think if you have a small waist I'd recommend sizing down!

D.I.Y Gold Spike Belt - Around £3/£4 - eBay & Primark
I made this myself today as I'd bought a plain black buckle belt from Primark and wanted to make a gold spike belt sort of similar to the infamous Topshop spike belt, £22 for a simple belt you can make yourself is ridiculous and all the belts similar on eBay were a minimum of about £10! I decided to make my own, I bought 20 gold spikes from a chinese seller for £2.79, It took 2 weeks to arrive and the belt I bought from Primark for about £1-£2. I used 14 out of the 20 spikes for this belt and a leather hole puncher to make holes for the screw back spikes to be placed in. I tightened the backs with a screwdriver so they're much more secure than normal studs (and feel comfier when you're wearing it!).

This was a gigantic haul in both parts but I've gone a bit shopping mad recently so please forgive me! ;)

Hope you enjoyed the babbling!

P.S. I haven't been posting much recently due to my recent D.I.Y project, as you would of seen in my last post I have been making acid wash/dip dye shirts and selling them on eBay, I'm continuing with this at the moment but have a lot more up on eBay and have also made some shorts recently too, If you're interested please click here :)


Saturday, 12 May 2012

D.I.Y Acid Wash Cloudy Studded Collar Shirt

I've been wanting to do a acid wash or dip dye shirt for ageeeees but I never thought I could actually do it myself. 

Before & After

All you basically need is:
  • thin/thick household bleach (I used thick)
  • a shirt ofc 
  • studs (optional!)
  • water
  • spray bottle
  • pjs/old clothes (as if you get bleach on your clothes you won't get it off..!)

  To sum up this DIY in steps:

1. fill a bucket with cold water, put your shirt into the water and dampen in
2. fill spray bottle with 1 part bleach, 2 part water. and shake to wake! (I used hot water, it helps activate it quicker!)
3. ring your shirt out and place onto ground (preferably do outside as bleach will get onto the floor, I did this in my conservatory on a few bin bags so I would not bleach the floor, was a bit of a nightmare taking the bin bags out afterwards though haha)
4. go to town on your shirt! spray everywhere, I spritz full sprays and slower sprays to get a different affect, all over, the more sprays in one area the better, as this will make it lighter! 
5. then undo your spray bottle, and pour or 'splash' the bleach water onto random areas, this will make it more concentrated in certain areas and give a cloudy affect
6. leave for one hour, keep checking to make sure colour is changing, if it isn't, you can always add more bleach!
7. after you have left it for one hour you can turn the shirt over and carry on and do the back, you may notice the bleach has sunken through and might of already bleached some of the back but this is ok!
8. leave for another hour
9. your shirt should be complete by now! then pop it into the washing machine for a cold wash, add no detergent or anything, and REMEMBER to wash the shirt SEPARATELY, you don't want to damage any of your clothing!
10. take out the washing machine, hang to dry, and as an extra touch you can add studs to the collar for an edgier look, once it's dry it's complete and you're ready to wear it :D

I hope you liked this!

If you hate D.I.Ying yourself or find it difficult (or don't want to ruin something!), I am actually selling this specific shirt on eBay, buy it now for £30 if anyones interested :)

you can buy this shirt:


Friday, 11 May 2012

Collective Haul for April/May 2012 [Part 1!]

I've been buying like mad again recently as I've found so many brill bargains! I've had to split this haul into two because it is literally massive and I still haven't received some items in the post I wanted to include!

Doc Marten Inspired Black Patent Boots - eBay - £20.49 (inc. p&p)
I showed these in a recent outfit of the day, I've been lusting after patent Docs for ageeeeees now but I can never justify the hefty £80 price tag, so I decided to hunt for some good looking fakes, I managed to find these on eBay and loved the tag detail on the backs of the shoes making the shoes more similar to the real thing, They are super comfortable, I've already gotten them a little bit dirty so excuse the state of them haha!

Pleated Faux Leather Skirt - H&M - £10 (sale - RRP: £19.99)
The infamous pleated leather skirt from H&M, nearly everyone in the blogging community owns this or some variation (the Primark lookalike!), I wasn't too interested in pursuing it due to it being sold out pretty much everywhere and on sites like eBay they were going for up to 3 times their worth! But my friend actually found this in our local store in the sale for only £10, I couldn't believe it considering some of  the skirts were going for £50/£60 online, So I decided to go in and try and find my size, sadly they didn't have any, I decided to buy a size 12 just to sell online and made £36 from it (£26 profit!) so I ended up going back in and bought the last few they had in there (which was another size 12 and a size 16), I then tried on the size 12 and realised it actually fitted ok for me (considering everyone described these skirts as small fitting) so I decided to keep it and sold the size 16 online and ended up making £42 for that (£32 profit) so it was a great way to make some easy money & I really love the pleats!

Faux Leather Skater Skirt - H&M - Around £17 (eBay)
This is the first faux leather skirt I bought and saw a girl selling this buy it now on eBay, It had been worn once but I was still getting £2-£3 off the RRP so this didn't bother me, The irritating thing was I later found out it was in my local store in the sale in my size for only £7 which was quite disappointing but It's such a lovely skirt and I've gotten tons of compliments on it! It has a silver zip at the back and I think this skirt was seen on Louise from the last big brother (If you watch that show and you live in the UK you'll know who I'm on about). It's super comfortable and super flattering!

Skull Head Bangle - eBay - £2.49
I recently lost my favourite dainty silver cross bracelet that I normally chuck on when I'm wearing something with a 'busy' print etc. and want to wear jewellery that's more subtle, I loved it so much and was so annoyed when I lost it on a night out! I remembered seeing this bangle on VIPXO's blog a few months back in her 'eBay inspired' blog posts, Me being the bargain hunter I am I managed to find a really cheap price for it and got this for £2.49 with free postage, It took about 2 weeks to get here which isn't bad for international postage!

Star, Cross & Moon Quadruple Ring Set - Topshop - £4.50 (sale - RRP: £16.50)
I saw these rings in Topshop the other month, they were in the sale but were half price and down to £8.25, I was tempted to buy them but still couldn't justify spending £8 on 4 rings that I didn't particularly need but I was absolutely in love with the pentagram ring, I decided to look on eBay and that wasn't very promising, it still came to about £2-£3 at cheapest for just one pentagram ring so I decided to leave it. I was in town the other week and ended up looking in the sale again, and realised the rings had reduced to just £4.50, I was 'over the moon' (pardon the pun) and purchased them straight away!

Club master Sunglasses - Primark via eBay - £3
I fell in love with these sunglasses as soon as I saw them, I tried to get them in my local Primark store as they were in the sale for only 50p but the only pair left was broken :( I found them on eBay from a seller who was selling them relatively cheap for £3 altogether including P&P, They were originally £2 in the shop so it's only really a postage difference if anything! These are still the cheapest club master glasses on eBay but they aren't actually listed under that name, I just typed in Primark sunglasses and tons of people were selling these on there! I absolutely love them but I seem to have the wrong nose for them as they always fall off :( Might have to invest in a more expensive pair!

Black Pussybow Skull Blouse - - £20.45 (25% off & p&p inc.)
I recently found this website from Heather's blog as I'd been looking for a 'Alexander McQueen' inspired skull top for ageees and the only ones I could find was strappy tops or t-shirts and I was looking for a long sleeved shirt/blouse instead! They had contacted her about a give-away they were having to mention to her followers and they also provided her with a special 25% off code for everyone to use also, So when I saw this blouse I knew I had to have it! The shirt was priced at £22 and with discount I got it for £16.50 and then it was £3.95 postage so it was a pretty good deal! I got the size large which is actually a size 12-14, and with me being a size 16 this caused slight issues but only to the point of having to wear it tucked into a skirt, and I also have to wear it buttoned down at the moment, As you can see in the pictures I can button it up but it's tight due to my chest area haha so I'm hoping due to trying to lose weight at the moment this won't be a problem much longer, but as you can see I also made it work with it tied down so it's s'all gooood :D They don't actually sell this shirt on their website any more, But I found it on another site for much cheaper, I think the size 10 they are selling is the Medium and the size 12 is a size Large just in case you're wondering why this site has different sizing to Ella Tino!

Plus Size Suspender Tights - Pamela Mann via eBay - £4.99
I've bought a few pairs of suspender tights in the past, 2 pairs of Henry Holland ones (one pair which ended up with a huge hole in it) and a pair of cheap eBay ones which I ended up putting a hole in within one day of having them >_> So I decided to browse about for plus size suspender tights, I generally have bigger legs anyway and I'm a 16 on bottom without fail due to my big thighs! I found these plus size tights by a brand called Pamela Mann via an eBay seller, Pamela Mann sell these tights on their website for £7.99 so it was cheaper to get them on eBay! To be honest with you the 16-18 fits more like a 14 on me, I wasn't too impressed with them but Pamela Mann actually caters from size 8 up to size 32 in these babies, although I think the size up would be too big for me (being size 20-26), I highly recommend them though as they definitely feel stronger than the cheap pair I've had in the past and still aren't as expensive as Henry Holland ones!

My sister actually bought these first, She's not really into crosses but I saw these a while back and I was tempted but being a M/L (12-14) I didn't think they would fit my size 16 legs so I persuaded her to buy them (as I love helping her shop he he) My sister got these from a independent website with a lot of other items and I sneakily tried them on when she received them and they fit me perfectly, not tight or small in the slightest, If anything I think they fit a size 16 better haha, I managed to get mine from eBay (as it was cheaper) and these are quite similar to the black milk cross leggings
UPDATE: I have actually just realised the seller now does L/XL (16) in these leggings now so If you have big legs and are worried the M/L will not fit you they now do a size up :) 

This was a pretty heavy writing post so I apologize for the babbling!

Hope you enjoyed, Stay tuned for part 2!


Friday, 4 May 2012

Charity Shop Haul!

In the past month I've gone a bit charity shop happy, sadly, the charity shops where I live aren't that great, haven't got the most amazing items and everything is ridiculously highly priced! Luckily though, I managed to find a few bargains!

Stone Wash Blue Levi Jacket (Size Medium) - Kidney Research UK - £4.99
Words cannot describe how speechless I was when I saw this in one of our local shops for £4.99, Considering everything is usually so highly priced I expected a jacket with this brand name to be at least £8.99 +! Although, I do actually think the specific shop itself didn't recognize the brand as they were also selling a Timberland SHIRT for £4.99 and a leather jacket for £14.99, So I think If they would of realised the value it would of been higher in price! It was in the woman's jacket section even though it's a men's size medium but it's a perfect fit for a size 12-18 I'd say! I went into Urban Outfitters the same day and compared mine to one of their renewal Levi Jackets, it was the exact same colour, exact same style but they were charging £55 for one of theirs! Never been so proud of a bargain my life haha! 

St. Michael Check Shirt (Size 14) - PDSA - £2.99
I've been wanting a check shirt for ages, a loose, oversized fit, but I didn't want to go for a men's one as usually they can be too long, This one was perfect, I thought this size 14 would be too small or fitted but it was actually oversized on me, After speaking to my Mum she knew the brand and informed me it was an old Marks and Spencers brand back in (atleast) the 70's! She described the brand as popular with older ladies haha! The hilarious thing is since I've bought this shirt, Everything that seems to catch my eye in charity shops is usually St Michael LOL.

Unbranded Leopard/Crazy Print Shirt (Size L) - Hospiscare - £2.50
My most recent of charity shop purchases, I'm not quite sure on what the actual size/brand of this item is, there are no tags inside it and it was simply stated as a size large on the price tag! I would probably estimate it as a size 14-16 personally. I thought this was a super crazy print and had to try it on when I saw it! It doesn't look as nice with the arms rolled down but It looks spot on with them rolled up! The print kind of reminds me of an old Versace-esque print! I've seen leopard print shirts everywhere recently and it was refreshing to have one that's a bit of a different style and that no one else will have!

F&F @ Tesco Leopard Print Cape Top (Size 16) - Cancer Research UK -  £1.20
The best thing about this top was that it was brand new with tags, donated by Tesco! On the tag this top was priced at £14! This was the last leopard print one left as they had lots of patterns in all sizes on a rail specifically full of donated Tesco items, Luckily the last leopard print one turned out to be my size! I absolutely love cape tops so this was a crazy good bargain!

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it will inspire some of you to try charity shopping yourself! It all goes to a good cause :)