Friday, 4 May 2012

Charity Shop Haul!

In the past month I've gone a bit charity shop happy, sadly, the charity shops where I live aren't that great, haven't got the most amazing items and everything is ridiculously highly priced! Luckily though, I managed to find a few bargains!

Stone Wash Blue Levi Jacket (Size Medium) - Kidney Research UK - £4.99
Words cannot describe how speechless I was when I saw this in one of our local shops for £4.99, Considering everything is usually so highly priced I expected a jacket with this brand name to be at least £8.99 +! Although, I do actually think the specific shop itself didn't recognize the brand as they were also selling a Timberland SHIRT for £4.99 and a leather jacket for £14.99, So I think If they would of realised the value it would of been higher in price! It was in the woman's jacket section even though it's a men's size medium but it's a perfect fit for a size 12-18 I'd say! I went into Urban Outfitters the same day and compared mine to one of their renewal Levi Jackets, it was the exact same colour, exact same style but they were charging £55 for one of theirs! Never been so proud of a bargain my life haha! 

St. Michael Check Shirt (Size 14) - PDSA - £2.99
I've been wanting a check shirt for ages, a loose, oversized fit, but I didn't want to go for a men's one as usually they can be too long, This one was perfect, I thought this size 14 would be too small or fitted but it was actually oversized on me, After speaking to my Mum she knew the brand and informed me it was an old Marks and Spencers brand back in (atleast) the 70's! She described the brand as popular with older ladies haha! The hilarious thing is since I've bought this shirt, Everything that seems to catch my eye in charity shops is usually St Michael LOL.

Unbranded Leopard/Crazy Print Shirt (Size L) - Hospiscare - £2.50
My most recent of charity shop purchases, I'm not quite sure on what the actual size/brand of this item is, there are no tags inside it and it was simply stated as a size large on the price tag! I would probably estimate it as a size 14-16 personally. I thought this was a super crazy print and had to try it on when I saw it! It doesn't look as nice with the arms rolled down but It looks spot on with them rolled up! The print kind of reminds me of an old Versace-esque print! I've seen leopard print shirts everywhere recently and it was refreshing to have one that's a bit of a different style and that no one else will have!

F&F @ Tesco Leopard Print Cape Top (Size 16) - Cancer Research UK -  £1.20
The best thing about this top was that it was brand new with tags, donated by Tesco! On the tag this top was priced at £14! This was the last leopard print one left as they had lots of patterns in all sizes on a rail specifically full of donated Tesco items, Luckily the last leopard print one turned out to be my size! I absolutely love cape tops so this was a crazy good bargain!

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it will inspire some of you to try charity shopping yourself! It all goes to a good cause :)



  1. I would never be brave enough to buy that crazy printed shirt! But it looks lovely on you! I honestly don't think that sort of thing suits me, but it definitely does go to show how little I know about fashion these days.

    So cheap as well. When I next have money and am visiting devon you have to come shopping with me!

    A delight to read as always Lozza. xx

  2. very jealous of your finds.

    J x

  3. Wow you got some great finds, I especially love the multicoloured blouse. I am such a big fan of vibrant patterned blouses at the moment.

    Great blog by the way and you now have a new dedicated follower :)
    Would love if you could check out mine and maybe follow back :)