Thursday, 31 May 2012

Collective Haul for April/May 2012 [Part 2!]

Here is the 2nd part to my Collective haul for April/May (finally!), I've been waiting for stuff to come in the post etc!

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MAC Reel Sexy Collection Lipstick in Heroine - Debenhams - £13.50
I've been lusting after MAC's Violetta lipstick for a while now and realised it was discontinued so when I saw they were doing a similar shade of lipstick in one of their Spring collections I had to purchase it! I prefer it over Violetta, it's a brighter purple colour whereas Violetta has more of a pink purple shade! This is now sold out on MAC's website and Debenhams so I'm not sure where you can get it now but I absolutely love it, Hopefully when this runs out I will find a dupe elsewhere or they will bring back a similar colour! 

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I got these wedges cheaper than £14.99 as I had a few discount codes, You can use two in conjunction with each other as I've said before in previous blog posts, so I think I got these for about  £10 altogether including delivery! There was a £5 off code you could use for literally about 2 years but in my last order I made after these shoes It was taken off as apparently it's a code you're not supposed to use (I rang them up to ask about my discount being taken off) and they said were sending out letters informing everyone? I am still yet to receive any letter from H&M so they're not particularly my favourite brand at the moment for shouting at me down the phone because I used a code I found online on a voucher codes website? Anyway, You've probably seen these around the bloggy universe anyway, they seem to be quite a favourite! 

Gold Spike Necklace - eBay - £2.74
I've seen this around and really liked it but a lot of people got it from ASOS for like £15, it's completely identical to the ASOS one yet mine was just under £3 (I bidded on one though they do have buy it now's for around the same price, I've added a buy it now link!) 

Black & White Striped Chiffon Blouse - eBay - £7.98 (inc. p&p)
You may have seen I recently bought what I like to call a 'Beetlejuice' blouse from Topshop for £38, I couldn't justify keeping something for that price when it was quite simple anyway and when I saw this on eBay for only £8 I decided to take the Topshop shirt back, I thought this one looked 'edgier' with the faux leather collar and cuffs also! It's one size best for sizes UK 8-12 but I went by the measurements and it's the perfect slightly oversized fit for a UK 14-16 but in the eBay photos you can see on the size 8 mannequin that it's very oversized on a small figure. I was pretty happy it fit me considering it wasn't aimed to fit someone my size. I'll be posting a few pictures of recent outfits soon and I have one with this shirt so you can see the fit on my shape! There is also someone selling this in the UK for about £11 (inc. p&p) if you would rather not wait as the seller I bought from was a Chinese seller.

Giorgio Denim Shirt (Size Men's Large) - eBay - £7.50 (inc. p&p)
I thought I would get this shirt as It really reminded me of the Monki denim shirt that I've been eyeing up for a while, I messaged the seller to ask whether they would do a buy it now for this shirt as a lot of denim shirts on eBay tend to be bidded on easily and can end up being about £10 before you know it! The seller accepted £5 excluding postage which I was pretty happy with compared to the Monki shirts being about £30! It's a good oversized fit and thinner than a denim jacket so it's great to wear in the summer months!

White Sheer Cropped Skull Blouse - MissRebel - £17.99
I know it's pretty bad this in part 1 of this haul post I had a similar shirt in black with white skulls but I have such an obsession with skulls at the moment haha! This is also in a Large (12-14) but it's a very giving and loose fit and would probably fit up to a size 18. It's cropped though so I recommend tucking into a skirt etc. unless you like your belly being out! 

This shirt sold out pretty quickly and I think they only have this in other colours left now (Ivory & Navy!) I only have oversized black shirts, I haven't got a slimmer fitting sheer black blouse and I've really wanted one I could tuck into skirts etc. The 'western style' gold collar tips attached to the shirt make it extra special and it goes wonderful with my eBay gold spike necklace! 

I bought this online in the H&M sale, this was the item I purchased when they took off my discount so I wasn't really happy about that but to be fair it was still pretty cheap without the discount! I got a size medium which is a 14-16 and it was actually pretty loose on my waist so I have to wear it with a belt, I think if you have a small waist I'd recommend sizing down!

D.I.Y Gold Spike Belt - Around £3/£4 - eBay & Primark
I made this myself today as I'd bought a plain black buckle belt from Primark and wanted to make a gold spike belt sort of similar to the infamous Topshop spike belt, £22 for a simple belt you can make yourself is ridiculous and all the belts similar on eBay were a minimum of about £10! I decided to make my own, I bought 20 gold spikes from a chinese seller for £2.79, It took 2 weeks to arrive and the belt I bought from Primark for about £1-£2. I used 14 out of the 20 spikes for this belt and a leather hole puncher to make holes for the screw back spikes to be placed in. I tightened the backs with a screwdriver so they're much more secure than normal studs (and feel comfier when you're wearing it!).

This was a gigantic haul in both parts but I've gone a bit shopping mad recently so please forgive me! ;)

Hope you enjoyed the babbling!

P.S. I haven't been posting much recently due to my recent D.I.Y project, as you would of seen in my last post I have been making acid wash/dip dye shirts and selling them on eBay, I'm continuing with this at the moment but have a lot more up on eBay and have also made some shorts recently too, If you're interested please click here :)


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