Saturday, 12 May 2012

D.I.Y Acid Wash Cloudy Studded Collar Shirt

I've been wanting to do a acid wash or dip dye shirt for ageeeees but I never thought I could actually do it myself. 

Before & After

All you basically need is:
  • thin/thick household bleach (I used thick)
  • a shirt ofc 
  • studs (optional!)
  • water
  • spray bottle
  • pjs/old clothes (as if you get bleach on your clothes you won't get it off..!)

  To sum up this DIY in steps:

1. fill a bucket with cold water, put your shirt into the water and dampen in
2. fill spray bottle with 1 part bleach, 2 part water. and shake to wake! (I used hot water, it helps activate it quicker!)
3. ring your shirt out and place onto ground (preferably do outside as bleach will get onto the floor, I did this in my conservatory on a few bin bags so I would not bleach the floor, was a bit of a nightmare taking the bin bags out afterwards though haha)
4. go to town on your shirt! spray everywhere, I spritz full sprays and slower sprays to get a different affect, all over, the more sprays in one area the better, as this will make it lighter! 
5. then undo your spray bottle, and pour or 'splash' the bleach water onto random areas, this will make it more concentrated in certain areas and give a cloudy affect
6. leave for one hour, keep checking to make sure colour is changing, if it isn't, you can always add more bleach!
7. after you have left it for one hour you can turn the shirt over and carry on and do the back, you may notice the bleach has sunken through and might of already bleached some of the back but this is ok!
8. leave for another hour
9. your shirt should be complete by now! then pop it into the washing machine for a cold wash, add no detergent or anything, and REMEMBER to wash the shirt SEPARATELY, you don't want to damage any of your clothing!
10. take out the washing machine, hang to dry, and as an extra touch you can add studs to the collar for an edgier look, once it's dry it's complete and you're ready to wear it :D

I hope you liked this!

If you hate D.I.Ying yourself or find it difficult (or don't want to ruin something!), I am actually selling this specific shirt on eBay, buy it now for £30 if anyones interested :)

you can buy this shirt:


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