Sunday, 17 June 2012

Recent Outfits #2

I've been taking even more outfit pictures recently so I thought I would do Round 2 of the 'Recent Outfits' series! There's a few things in this post I'm yet to show in a haul (spoilers!) but the haul will have better quality photos anyway (or a better view of the items themselves)!

Outfit 1: Daywear
Mustard/Yellow Blouse - Topshop (circa 2011 - here's one on eBay here)
Plain black strap top (for layering) - Primark
Dark blue jeggings - Topshop (circa 2011 - Similar here, mine are darker!)
Brown skinny belt - Primark (circa 2010)

Outfit 2: Nightwear
Black Long Sleeve Bodysuit (Sleeves rolled up) - eBay (circa 2010 - still for sale here)
Cross bead embellished skirt - Topshop via eBay

Outfit 3: Daywear
Denim shirt - Levi via eBay
Skeleton vest -  Urban Outfitters
Nylon Tricot Leggings - American Apparel via eBay

Outfit 4: Daywear
Grey Speckled 'Salt & Pepper' Hoodie - Primark Mens Section
Skeleton Vest - Urban Outfitters
Plain black strap top (for layering) - Primark
Nylon Tricot Leggings - American Apparel via eBay
Spike loafers - (a present for my birthday next month)

Outfit 5: Day/Nightwear (depending on the shoes!)
Stud Collar Sleeveless Acid Wash Denim shirt/gilet - DIY + Charity shop 
Black bodysuit - eBay (same one as outfit #2)
Flowy vest top - H&M (circa 2011) 
(on top of the bodysuit haha, you can't see the straps with the denim over it!)
Silver Cross Necklace - Fashionology
Black jersey mini skirt (for layering) - H&M
Nylon Tricot Leggings - American Apparel via eBay
Faux leather black wedges - H&M

Hope you liked these outfits :)



  1. Hey,

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    Just found you on bloggers. Enjoyed reading your blog :)

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  2. I adore the blouse in the first outfit.
    Your style is so refreshing, really beautiful xx

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