Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Recent Outfits #5

My recent outfits #5! Here are a few things I wore/played dress up with at the weekend!

Outfit 1: Nightwear
Disco pants - American Apparel
White skull cropped blouse (Sold out ages ago so I have linked a similar one from New Look!) - Miss Rebel 

Outfit 2: Night/Daywear!
Black bodysuit (rolled up sleeves) - eBay
Stud faux leather jacket - Be Beau @ Matalan (circa 2011)
Gold cuff/bracelet - H&M (circa 2011)
Spike belt - Primark + DIY
Stud clutch bag - Select Fashion (Sold out but I recommend eBay!)

Outfit 3: Nightwear?
(Probs wouldn't be brave enough to wear this out yet but I like it!)

Animal print crop top - Topshop sale
Disco pants - American Apparel

Hope you enjoyed this post :)


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Recent Outfits #4

Time for another 'Recent Outfits' post! I rather enjoy doing these :) Recently I've been making tonssssss of outfits with my Glamorous disco pants but sadly after these photos were taken they actually unravelled right under the zip and there's a huge hole there now :( I'm hoping they'll be able to refund/replace them for me but I did actually cave and buy the real AA disco pants as I had a 25% off code that I was sent on my birthday so they are the pair shown in the last outfit and the ones that will be shown in future posts (as you can see the real and dupe ones are very similar!)

Outfit 1: Nightwear
Faux Leather Stud Jacket - Matalan (circa 2011)
Skull Vest - Zara
Disco Pants - Glamorous

Outfit 2: Workwear
Skull cardigan - New look via eBay
Black strap top (for layering) - Primark
Military dirty black boots - Shoe zone (they also sell these on eBay)

Outfit 3: Nightwear
Camo Jacket (Men's Small) - eBay
Skull Vest - Zara
Disco Pants - Glamorous

Outfit 4: Nightwear
Disco pants - American Apparel

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Monday, 16 July 2012

OOTD: Disco Pants Dupes!

I've been lusting after the American Apparel disco pants for agesss but could never justify the price tag since I've been on a weight loss regime recently I don't want to buy something if it won't fit me relatively soon (I've been losing the majority of weight on my legs!). A few months back I saw a blog post from LLYMLR's about a Glamorous press event she had been to and she announced the arrival of their own Disco Pants that were due to be released in the autumn/winter, Luckily the release came a lot sooner and they were released late June! The disco pants are only £29.99 and they do them in 3 colours (so far, but there are rumours of more colours to be released!) Pewter (a light grey), Black (they are more of a dark charcoal in person!) and Royal Blue!

Glamorous stock sizes 8-14, I'm a size 14 and their size 14 disco pants fit me perfectly (despite the site saying the disco pants are small fitting/that you should size up), so I highly recommend to pick your usual size! The black disco pants are currently out of stock on the website but they restock quite frequently due to them being in such high demand! 

Black Disco Pants - Glamorous
Cross Hoop Earrings - Urban Outfitters
Gold Collar Cord Necklace - Topshop (sale circa 2011)

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Saturday, 14 July 2012

OOTN: Skulls & Spikes

I went out Monday night with my girlies and this is what I wore :) it's kind dressed up-casual I'd say!

Studded Levi Jacket - Car boot + Studs&Spikes (for studs)
(not yet completed! It's supposed to have fully studded shoulders!)
Skull Vest - Topshop
Black Jersey Mini Skirt (for layering) - H&M
Nylon Tricot Leggings - American Apparel via eBay
(these broke the same night but the sellers agreed to replace them!)
Silver Cross Earrings - Fashionology
Lipstick in Diva - MAC Cosmetics

          (Excuse the PJ Top in this photo haha!)

(Slightly drunk pahah sorry! Just to show a bit of my make-up for the night!)

Hope you enjoyed this post :)


Thursday, 12 July 2012

OOTD - 'The Zara Studded Shirt' fake!

Recently I got the dupe of 'The' Zara studded shirt that became so popular in the blog/fashion world, The real Zara shirt retails at £40 and some even were being sold on eBay for up to £90! Luckily after a few good blog resources I found a cheap duplicate from a Chinese seller for only £14! The shirt is advertised as a M-L but on the tag it does say Large so please bear that in mind If you're on the smaller side (it does state the measurements of the shirt, that's what I went by because I'm more on the larger side and was worried it might be too small!) 

When it arrived though I was really happy with, it's more fitted on my arms but I haven't lost any weight from my arms yet :( but it's nice and loose everywhere else! 

Studded faux leather jacket - Matalan (circa 2011)
White strap top - New Look
Nylon Tricot Leggings - American Apparel via eBay
Gold 7cm hoop earrings - Car boot sale

(Hair courtesy of Revlon heated hair rollers via Amazon!)

(before my hair was done!)

(ignore my PJ top, this photo was taken when I tried the shirt on!)

the tag looks similar to the Zara one but says 'CBPR' instead or something!

Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Have you bought any great eBay finds recently?


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Car Boot Sale Mini Haul!

 Last Sunday I went to a local car boot sale, I haven't been to one since October last year and was hoping that due to it being the beginning of July I would find a few bargains (even though July's weather has been pretty crappy recently haha) and I managed to grab some amazing items!

Levi Denim Jacket - Size L - £2
The lady was actually selling this for £3 but we managed to haggle it down to £2! Considering they sell these jackets in Urban Outfitters for £55 I was preeeeeetty impressed, I recently found a dark denim Levi jacket in a charity shop for £4.99 but this definitely tops it! I think I'll be studding the shoulders of this one and keeping it for myself, then I'm going to be selling my Lee Cooper spike shoulder denim jacket so keep an eye out, I'll be selling it a lot cheaper than the Ragged Priest asking prices etc.!

Wrangler Denim Shirt - (No size label!) - 50p
Another great haggle! The girl wanted only £1 for this but we got her down to 50p, for a wrangler shirt that's pretty amazing! I'm still undecided on what I want to do with this yet, I was going to acid wash it but I was worried I might ruin it so I'm debating maybe dip dye with studded pockets or something? 

H&M Guns 'N' Roses Crop T-Shirt - Size 8 - £2
I actually picked this up for my sister, She's around a size 10 and it looked like a large size 8 so I thought I'd get it for her as she likes crop tops! The girl wouldn't haggle at all because apparently it had only been worn once. I sneakily tried it on and managed to fit into it, which is amazing because I wouldn't think I'd fit in a size 8, let alone a H&M size 8 (who are notorious for their really small sizing haha), It's a great bargain considering these tops were only on sale last year! My sister really likes it so I think it was a great little pressie for her!

The crop top and denim shirt together.

Torteshell club-master sunglasses - £1
I actually went to the car boot looking for more club-master sunglasses as I'd heard my friend found a pair being sold at a car boot and also because I couldn't find them super cheap anywhere! I didn't actually expect anyone to be selling them but luckily a lady was selling a ton of sunglasses all different colours and variations brand new for only £1 each, she only did the club-master version in this torteshell colour but it was this specific print I'd been eyeing up for a while so it was meant to be :P 

Gold 7cm Hoop Earrings - 50p
I picked up these randomly from the same lady I bought my Levi Jacket from, I constantly wear my 7cm gold hoops I got from eBay a few months back but now they've gone a horrible coppery/orange colour so when she was asking only 50p for these I just grabbed them haha! They're exactly the same size and shape so I was pretty glad to have found them as a replacement! 

The sunglasses & hoop earrings together :)

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Have you been to a car boot sale recently?