Saturday, 14 July 2012

OOTN: Skulls & Spikes

I went out Monday night with my girlies and this is what I wore :) it's kind dressed up-casual I'd say!

Studded Levi Jacket - Car boot + Studs&Spikes (for studs)
(not yet completed! It's supposed to have fully studded shoulders!)
Skull Vest - Topshop
Black Jersey Mini Skirt (for layering) - H&M
Nylon Tricot Leggings - American Apparel via eBay
(these broke the same night but the sellers agreed to replace them!)
Silver Cross Earrings - Fashionology
Lipstick in Diva - MAC Cosmetics

          (Excuse the PJ Top in this photo haha!)

(Slightly drunk pahah sorry! Just to show a bit of my make-up for the night!)

Hope you enjoyed this post :)



  1. Woop necklace buddies~
    That top is PERFECTION I love it! Love the whole outfit actually! x x

  2. Love the flatforms, they're amazing!
    Kate x

  3. You are so beautiful. And I really want those shoes! xx