Sunday, 26 August 2012

Recent Outfits #8

Outfit 1: Nightwear
The other day I decided to turn one of my unworn charity shop Levi jackets into a sleeveless jacket as it is so huge I barely wear it as it was so I cut the sleeves off to give it a sort of ragged priest-esque look and put this outfit together :)

Sleeveless Denim Levis Jacket - Charity Shop & DIY
USA Crop T-shirt - Wildfox via eBay
(also for sale: here)
Disco pants - American Apparel 
(similar pair from a UK seller: here)

Outfit 2: Day or Nightwear?
Black aztecy printed Bandeau top - Primark sale (£1 bargain!)
Stud leather jacket - Matalan 
(I'd recommend to look on eBay: here)
Stud/Spike flats - Primark

Outfit 3: Daywear
Hail No Muscle Tee - Unif via
Grey high waist disco leggings - eBay (see outfit 2)
Spike/stud flats - Primark
Lipstick in Diva - Mac Cosmetics
7cm gold hoop earrings - Car boot sale
(also for sale: here)

Outfit 4: Daywear
I recently ordered some stuff from a website called, It's an american website and you get 50% off your first order when you login with facebook, The style of the items are right up my street but unfortunately when I received my parcel I had to pay £12 in customs fees (mainly because I ordered like 4 things, my friend who ordered only 1 item didn't get charged anything!) and then I got these leggings (the ex-spandex leggings in Black) and when I tried them on the crotch area unravelled and theres a hole in them now, plus they were incredibly see through with hardly any shine (unlike my american apparel nylon tricot leggings !) So basically I was hugely disappointed by that :( But I thought I'd show you the 3 other items I got which I reaaaaally like :)

Nylon tricot leggings - American Apparel (via eBay)

(In case you'd like to know I wear a size Medium in Tobi items and I'm normally a size 12, sometimes a 14)

Hope you enjoyed this post :)


Monday, 20 August 2012

OOTD: Jeffrey Campbell USA Flag Litas!

I went out to the pub with my best friends on Friday and decided to dress up even though everyone else was dressed casual (as you do hehe) and here is what I wore :)

Studded Leather Jacket - Matalan (circa 2011)
(I recommend to check eBay: here)
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Gold Cross Hoop Earrings - Urban Outfitters (sale in June!)
(A smaller similar pair: here)
Gold Cuff/Bangle - H&M (circa 2011)
Lipstick in Lady Danger - M.A.C Cosmetics
(Only received this on Friday and I am madly in love with it!)

Hope you enjoyed this post :)

(Sorry the pictures are so dark!)


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Recent Outfits #7

Here's a few outfits from this weekend :)

Outfit 1: Daywear
Cross Bones Muscle Tee - UNIF (via Asos Sale)
Levi high waisted stud shorts - eBay (this amazing seller here!)
Silver Skull bangle (you can't really see it!) - eBay
Sheer natural tan tights - Primark
Spike loafers -

Outfit 2: Daywear
Endless nights vest - H&M sale in-store
Levi high waist stud shorts - eBay (see outfit 1)
Stud belt - Asos sale

Outfit 3: Daywear
Skull vest top - Topshop
Nylon Tricot legging - American Apparel via eBay
Stud sandals - New Look (years ago, try eBay!)
Gold 7cm hoops - Boot sale (also some here on eBay)

Hope you enjoyed this post :)


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Recent Outfits #6

Absolutely huge recent outfits post for you today! I've bought a ton of new pieces and already come up with quite a few ideas!

Outfit 1: Daywear
Salt & Pepper Speckle Grey Hoodie - Primark Mens Section
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Spike loafers -
Lipstick in Russian Red - MAC Cosmetics

Outfit 2: Swimwear
(Try not to be too shocked by seeing a bigger girl in a bikini but I had to share this for girls who are concious of their belly but think swimsuits are less sexy!)

Bikini top (I wear a UK 14)- SimplyBe
High waisted bikini bottoms (I wear a UK 12) - SimplyBe

Outfit 3: Day/Nightwear
Cross Colours Muscle Tee - UNIF (via ASOS sale..excuse the tag!)
Black bra ;) - Primark!
Levi high waisted stud shorts - eBay (All diyed by this ammmazing seller, highly recommend!)
Stud belt - ASOS (sale)
(similar pair from a UK seller: here)

Outfit 4: Day/Nightwear
Usa Crop Top (Size Small) - Wildfox (via eBay!)
(also for sale: here)
Levi high waisted stud shorts - eBay (see outfit 3)
Stud belt - Asos (sale) (see outfit 3)
Spike faux litas - eBay (see outfit 3)

Outfit 5: Nightwear
Usa Crop top - Wildfox (via eBay) (see outfit 4)
Disco pants - American Apparel (see outfit 1)
Usa flag lita boots - Jeffrey Campbell (Office sale!)

Outfit 6: Daywear
Levi high waisted stud shorts - eBay (see outfit 3)
Stud belt - Asos (sale) (see outfit 3)

Hope you enjoyed this post!