Thursday, 9 August 2012

Recent Outfits #6

Absolutely huge recent outfits post for you today! I've bought a ton of new pieces and already come up with quite a few ideas!

Outfit 1: Daywear
Salt & Pepper Speckle Grey Hoodie - Primark Mens Section
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Spike loafers -
Lipstick in Russian Red - MAC Cosmetics

Outfit 2: Swimwear
(Try not to be too shocked by seeing a bigger girl in a bikini but I had to share this for girls who are concious of their belly but think swimsuits are less sexy!)

Bikini top (I wear a UK 14)- SimplyBe
High waisted bikini bottoms (I wear a UK 12) - SimplyBe

Outfit 3: Day/Nightwear
Cross Colours Muscle Tee - UNIF (via ASOS sale..excuse the tag!)
Black bra ;) - Primark!
Levi high waisted stud shorts - eBay (All diyed by this ammmazing seller, highly recommend!)
Stud belt - ASOS (sale)
(similar pair from a UK seller: here)

Outfit 4: Day/Nightwear
Usa Crop Top (Size Small) - Wildfox (via eBay!)
(also for sale: here)
Levi high waisted stud shorts - eBay (see outfit 3)
Stud belt - Asos (sale) (see outfit 3)
Spike faux litas - eBay (see outfit 3)

Outfit 5: Nightwear
Usa Crop top - Wildfox (via eBay) (see outfit 4)
Disco pants - American Apparel (see outfit 1)
Usa flag lita boots - Jeffrey Campbell (Office sale!)

Outfit 6: Daywear
Levi high waisted stud shorts - eBay (see outfit 3)
Stud belt - Asos (sale) (see outfit 3)

Hope you enjoyed this post!



  1. Some gorgeous outfits here lovely. I love that bikini, it looks amazing on you!! x

  2. Gorgeous outfits! The bikini is bangin! You've got an amazing figure xx

  3. great outfits! I really like your wildfox top :)

  4. Gorgeous outfits!
    I love the AA disco pants and the bikini :)

  5. Love all your outfits! I hope I don't offend you with what I'm about to say, but I really admire you and feel so refreshed to see you put a picture of yourself in a bikini. I would never have the guts to do it! Even though all the girls from the blogging community are so lovely and wonderful, it can cause a whole load of issues with how I view myself and my body when the majority of the girls whose blogs I read are so slim and petite. I'm 5ft2 and a size 12 on the bottom, so not skinny by any stretch! I know it sounds kind of cheesy but we don't have to be a size 6 to feel happy. Anywayyyy haha, love your blog, you have gorgeous style! x

    1. I've only recently gained the confidence to even wear half of this stuff so taking pictures of it is not the only new thing! I've recently lost a lot of weight, I've almost lost 2 stone and I've dropped 2 dress sizes and even though I'm not even slim, my body is alot more toned, alot less flabby and it's given me so much confidence! I exercise constantly and will probably lose more weight but I know i'll never ever be tiny, I have a big frame, I'm a pear shape, big hips, big thighs! but to be honest I really like it, I love having big legs and being curvy!

    2. Wow that's amazing! :D Well done you! I know what you mean, I do love my curves. I'm an hourglass shape so yeah I won't ever be tiny, it's not possible. My height annoys me more than anything, I can never carry off those 'few extra pounds' because it just looks like I put on more weight than I actually do! Ohhhh well haha! x

    3. awww, see I even get annoyed with my height thinking i'm too short because of my wide frame it makes me look stumpy but i'm 5 ft 6 LOL so you can't even win really haha, just invest in some nice heels haha!