Sunday, 26 August 2012

Recent Outfits #8

Outfit 1: Nightwear
The other day I decided to turn one of my unworn charity shop Levi jackets into a sleeveless jacket as it is so huge I barely wear it as it was so I cut the sleeves off to give it a sort of ragged priest-esque look and put this outfit together :)

Sleeveless Denim Levis Jacket - Charity Shop & DIY
USA Crop T-shirt - Wildfox via eBay
(also for sale: here)
Disco pants - American Apparel 
(similar pair from a UK seller: here)

Outfit 2: Day or Nightwear?
Black aztecy printed Bandeau top - Primark sale (£1 bargain!)
Stud leather jacket - Matalan 
(I'd recommend to look on eBay: here)
Stud/Spike flats - Primark

Outfit 3: Daywear
Hail No Muscle Tee - Unif via
Grey high waist disco leggings - eBay (see outfit 2)
Spike/stud flats - Primark
Lipstick in Diva - Mac Cosmetics
7cm gold hoop earrings - Car boot sale
(also for sale: here)

Outfit 4: Daywear
I recently ordered some stuff from a website called, It's an american website and you get 50% off your first order when you login with facebook, The style of the items are right up my street but unfortunately when I received my parcel I had to pay £12 in customs fees (mainly because I ordered like 4 things, my friend who ordered only 1 item didn't get charged anything!) and then I got these leggings (the ex-spandex leggings in Black) and when I tried them on the crotch area unravelled and theres a hole in them now, plus they were incredibly see through with hardly any shine (unlike my american apparel nylon tricot leggings !) So basically I was hugely disappointed by that :( But I thought I'd show you the 3 other items I got which I reaaaaally like :)

Nylon tricot leggings - American Apparel (via eBay)

(In case you'd like to know I wear a size Medium in Tobi items and I'm normally a size 12, sometimes a 14)

Hope you enjoyed this post :)