Saturday, 22 September 2012

OOTD: Batman!

Studded Faux Leather Jacket - Matalan (circa 2011)
(similar: here)
Gold long chain necklace - Topshop
Batman dress - eBay
Fishnet tights - Primark
Jeffrey Campbell Cleatas - eBay
(also for sale: here)

Recently bought the most amaazinggg 'Lazy Oaf-esque' dress from eBay! It's a gorgeous body-con fit and the cheapest it's being sold for is £12 (inc. p&p) so it's also a great bargain, especially next to the real Lazy Oaf stuff which goes for around the £60 mark and apparently is also poor quality! I managed to fit in the S/M which is a size 8-10.  There are also other sellers on there selling an almost exact replica of a real Lazy Oaf dress: here. Earlier this week on eBay I also won a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Cleata's brand new with the box for only £56 (these are for sale brand new in Office for £120, so this was an amazing win for me haha!) I thought the two would look amazing together and here's what I ended up with! 

Hope you likeeeee :)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Recent Outfits #10

Outfit 1: Nightwear
Black bowler hat - Topshop (circa 2008)
(cheap alternative: here!)
Hail No Muscle Tee - UNIF via Karmaloop
Khaki jacket with Faux Leather sleeves - New Look (teens section, size 14-15!)
Black disco pants - American Apparel
Spike loafers -
Lipstick in Cyber - M.A.C Cosmetics

Outfit 2: Daywear
Khaki jacket with faux leather sleeves - New Look (see outfit 1)
Skull Vest - Zara
Black nylon tricot leggings - American Apparel via eBay
Gold stud/spike flats - Primark
Spike bracelet - Topshop (sale a few months back)
Lipstick in Lady Danger - M.A.C Cosmetics

Outfit 3: Nightwear
Sheer Black Chiffon Shirt - American Apparel
Ribs Swimsuit/Bodysuit (Size Medium) - Black Milk Clothing
Midnight Navy Disco Pants - American Apparel
Gold Cuff/Bangle - H&M (circa 2011)
Triangle/Circle Earrings - Topshop (circa 2011)
(similar: here)
Lipstick in Diva - M.A.C Cosmetics
Jeffrey Campbell Black Suede Nightwalks - eBay
(also for sale: here)

(Yes, I know, another JC purchase! I bought these shoes last week because I've been pawning over nightwalks for ageees now but thought the cheap replicas may be uncomfortable or less stable (since they're already a pretty dangerous shoe haha!) I absolutely loveeeeee them and they are so so easy to walk in, believe it or not! I managed to get mine in an auction on eBay brand new with box!)

Outfit 4: Day/Nightwear (I'd describe this as Pubwear!)
(Size L, which the seller describes as UK 8-12, I'm a size 12 and this is very fitted on me!)
Aztec Black Bandeau - Primark (sale)
Black Disco Pants - American Apparel (see outfit 1)

Outfit 5: Daywear
Star Wars T-Shirt - Boyfriends (Next - on sale last Christmas!)
Studded Levi Shorts - eBay (this amazing seller: here)
Stud Belt - ASOS (sale)
(similar: here)

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Natural Floral Damsels!

Okay, so yet another JC purchase! Office seeeeeeeriously need to stop adding shoes to their sale for like half price :(

So I saw these babies earlier this week, They had 1 remaining pair of every size so I had to grab the last size 6 straight away, I've been pawning over the Damsels for ages and actually saw this print in the sale on an american website but never bought them as I was worried about being charged a ton on customs fees! And now I'm glad I didn't, because I got these babies for £60 down from £120 in the office sale!

The heel is about 6.5 inches with a 2.5 platform, believe it or not even though they are insanely high, they are increeeeedibly comfortable and have a padded inner sole which makes it so much better for your feet! I've already come up with an outfit to go with these which will be in my next recent outfits post so look out for that ;)

Meanwhile, enjoy the power of the damsels beauty haha!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

American Apparel Bargains!

I have gone a bit American Apparel mad recently and fell in love with absolutely everything! I've ended up managing to find a fair few AA sellers on eBay, Some who sell buy it now items and then just the everyday private sellers! But you can get some real bargains either way if you don't want to pay the expensive prices of AA!

The iconic black sheer shirt, I couldn't believe it when I saw an eBay seller selling this buy it now, Brand new for only £35 inc. p&p, The shirt itself retails at £51 so I had to take the opportunity and buy it! The only downside is with it being from an american seller there is always the risk of being charged customs fees and sadly they caught me with this item and I ended up getting charged £11 customs fees :( I still got the shirt almost £10 cheaper than  I would of on the AA website including shipping though so it's not a huge loss and it's gorgeous! It's just the right amount of sheer! (By the way the leggings are the AA nylon tricot leggings I've had for a while now!)

The best steal I got from eBay! I won these from a private seller in a bidding war, They were brand new with tags (as seen) and a size Medium (10-12) which was a bit hit and miss as the other pair I have is a Large and I'm about a size 12! Luckily, they did fit when I tried them on, the first time I put them on it was a bit of a mission and took me a good 10 minutes but after the first wear they'd stretched a bit more and they were alot easier to wear! Absolutely in love with the colour and already gotten so many compliments on them! I won them for £44.85 inc. p&p, was over the moon considering if you purchased directly from AA you'd be looking at about £78 inc. p&p!

Have you made any savings on expensive items recently?

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Recent Outfits #9

Outfit 1: Nightwear
Sleeveless Denim Levis Jacket - Charity Shop & DIY
Gold Black Cord Collar Necklace - Topshop (sale circa 2011)
Gold Cuff/Bangle - H&M (circa 2011)
Black Disco Pants - American Apparel
Lipstick in Heroine (Limited edition, Violetta is similar!) (First two pictures) - Mac Cosmetics
Lipstick in Lady Danger (Last picture) - Mac Cosmetics
(I changed my mind! ;])
(Flats in picture are from Primark just for when I'd got fed up of my heels! I wore my Black Spike Faux Litas from eBay!)

Outfit 2: Daywear
Stud leather jacket - Matalan
Laurel Muscle Tee in Seafoam - Wildfox via ASOS (sale)
Nylon Tricot Leggings - American Apparel via eBay
Gold chain - Topshop
Cross hoop earrings - Urban Outfitter (sale earlier this year)
(similar: here)
Lipstick in Lady Danger - M.A.C Cosmetics

Outfit 3: Day/Nightwear (With or without shirt/heels!)
Sheer Black Blouse - Select 
(I am selling this shirt on eBay: here)
Ribs Swimsuit (in size Medium) - Black Milk Clothing
Cuffed heels in Pewter - Jeffrey Campbell via Office (sale) (see at the end of this post!) 

Here are my new babies! Another Jeffrey Campbell steal in the Office sale, these heels were £120 down to £60, I wear a size 6 which is my usual shoe size and they are a perfect fit! The heel is 6 inches and the platform is 2 inches. They are easy to walk in and very comfortable! I loveeeee the shiny metallic look of these! 

You can find them:

Hope you enjoyed this post!