Wednesday, 12 September 2012

American Apparel Bargains!

I have gone a bit American Apparel mad recently and fell in love with absolutely everything! I've ended up managing to find a fair few AA sellers on eBay, Some who sell buy it now items and then just the everyday private sellers! But you can get some real bargains either way if you don't want to pay the expensive prices of AA!

The iconic black sheer shirt, I couldn't believe it when I saw an eBay seller selling this buy it now, Brand new for only £35 inc. p&p, The shirt itself retails at £51 so I had to take the opportunity and buy it! The only downside is with it being from an american seller there is always the risk of being charged customs fees and sadly they caught me with this item and I ended up getting charged £11 customs fees :( I still got the shirt almost £10 cheaper than  I would of on the AA website including shipping though so it's not a huge loss and it's gorgeous! It's just the right amount of sheer! (By the way the leggings are the AA nylon tricot leggings I've had for a while now!)

The best steal I got from eBay! I won these from a private seller in a bidding war, They were brand new with tags (as seen) and a size Medium (10-12) which was a bit hit and miss as the other pair I have is a Large and I'm about a size 12! Luckily, they did fit when I tried them on, the first time I put them on it was a bit of a mission and took me a good 10 minutes but after the first wear they'd stretched a bit more and they were alot easier to wear! Absolutely in love with the colour and already gotten so many compliments on them! I won them for £44.85 inc. p&p, was over the moon considering if you purchased directly from AA you'd be looking at about £78 inc. p&p!

Have you made any savings on expensive items recently?

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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