Saturday, 15 September 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Natural Floral Damsels!

Okay, so yet another JC purchase! Office seeeeeeeriously need to stop adding shoes to their sale for like half price :(

So I saw these babies earlier this week, They had 1 remaining pair of every size so I had to grab the last size 6 straight away, I've been pawning over the Damsels for ages and actually saw this print in the sale on an american website but never bought them as I was worried about being charged a ton on customs fees! And now I'm glad I didn't, because I got these babies for £60 down from £120 in the office sale!

The heel is about 6.5 inches with a 2.5 platform, believe it or not even though they are insanely high, they are increeeeedibly comfortable and have a padded inner sole which makes it so much better for your feet! I've already come up with an outfit to go with these which will be in my next recent outfits post so look out for that ;)

Meanwhile, enjoy the power of the damsels beauty haha!


  1. Love them , I have the ablaze tapestrys from asos which are basically identical!! X

    1. wow, i just googled the, they are very alike! i have a serious crush on JC, it's turning into an obsession, i'm going to end up with liek 1028073474 pairs of shoes haha


  3. They are so gorgeous, love the tapestry print!