Sunday, 28 October 2012

October Haul :)

I thought I would do a haul for you guys since I can't even remember the last time I posted a haul! Here's just a few things I've picked up throughout October.

Skeleton Onesie - New Look (Mens Section) - £24.99
I love skeletons and skulls and all that stuff! So I had to grab this before Halloween was over! This is from the Mens section (I wear a size Small) and it's also glow in the dark!

Tee & Cake Skele Dress - Topshop - £30
Absolutely loved this when I saw it! It has a low rise back too. The dress is currently out of stock but you can find a near identical one on eBay for around £12 with postage: here

Hamsa, Peace, Ankh & Eye Charm Necklace - Topshop - £6.25 (half price from £12.50)

Yankee Candle Small Jars in Witches Brew (£6) & Candy Corn (£4) - eBay
I won these both in eBay auctions from the same seller as I really wanted Halloween themed Yankee Candles to add to my collection! Candy corn is definitely my favourite, It's sweet and smells like popcorn or sweets to me! Witches Brew is quite a strong smell of patchouli which apparently is a member of the mint family (even though it smells nothing like mint haha!) Here is a link to the seller I bought from: clickity click!

American Apparel Black Disco Shorts - eBay - £28.99 with postage
I won these on an auction also and I'm so glad I did! They are gorgeous, a bit revealing on the bum area but this is covered up fine with black tights underneath :) They're definitely a bit looser than the disco pants, even though it's the same material :S but I would highly recommend getting the real thing when it comes to disco shorts, I tried on the Glamorous version a few months ago and they were too thin and made them look unflattering! 

Rose Gold Chain & Gold Chain - H&M - £4.99 & £3.99; Touch of Silver Brightening & Daily Maintenance Shampoos - Boots - Around £3; Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Boots - £4.19; Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Conditioner - Boots - £1.89 (half price offer)
After seeing these necklaces on both LeanneWoodfull and BeautyCrush, I hadddd to find them! I already knew they had the gold one in my local store but I couldn't find the rose gold one and I was starting to give up when I checked in there on Friday evening and they had the rose gold one! Both are gorgeous and I think I'll wear them all the time! I just restocked on some hair and make-up products too on a trip to boots, I'm trying to be careful when using the touch of silver stuff so my hair doesn't go purple or grey! 

Faux Leather Gilet - H&M - £24.99

Jeffrey Campbell Black Leather Tardys - Office - £50 (on sale)
Last but not least, I have lusted after the tardys for months now! And Office randomly restocked a size 6 so I knew I had to have them! They are perfect for winter, Incredibly comfortable and can be worn both in the day and in the night! 

I'm also selling 2 pairs of my Jeffrey Campbell's on eBay right now! Due to not wearing enough or being too high for me! Click: here! 

Hope you liked this post!


  1. really love the skeleton onesie and the black tardys!!! xxx

  2. Ahhh I LOVE the skeleton dress! Thanks for the reccomendation *goes to Ebay to purchase* ha! I first saw this style of dress from Kreepville but the long sleeve versions are so much nicer!

    Amy xx