Monday, 26 November 2012

Recent Outfits (and items!) #12

Outfit 1: Daywear
Black disco pants - American Apparel 
(I caved and bought a new pair of AA ones from eBay!)

Okay, so not an outfit but I really wanted to include this in a post! I've been wanting a specific Topshop sequin bralet for a while now and even though it was on sale, it wasn't on the website or in my local store and was going for about £20 on eBay! I found a random seller selling this one from a brand called Pink Cadillac (sadly not on their website!) and I won it for £8.50 inc. p&p! I adoreeee it! I also bought a bargain off shoulder dress, my friend, Kirsty sent it to me and I really loved the Motel one so I had to buy this cheap alternative! It's apparently a UK size 6-8 but I'd say it's more of a size 8-10! 

Outfit 2: Daywear
Grey speckled hoody - Primark men's section
Black curve hem tank - Topshop (early this year, linked similar)
Black nylon tricot leggings - American Apparel (via eBay)
Lipstick in Cranberry (from The Berry Christmas Collection) - Sleep Make-up 

Outfit 3: Nightwear
Dark green velvet plunge dress -
Black nightwalks - Jeffrey Campbell (via eBay)
(Had to say a little something about this dress! I absolutely adore it and I am proud to say I fit into a UK size 10 [explains the last photo!] after starting out as a UK size 16-18 only a few months ago, I can't believe it! I'm going to wear this dress a fair bit over the Christmas period I think!)

Outfit 4: Daywear
Checked hooded jacket - Topshop (see outfit 2)
Black velvet pencil dress - American Apparel (via ASOS sale)
Black tights - Primark (Unsure what denier!)
Black neneh wedge - Office (sale)
Lipstick in Diva - M.A.C Cosmetics

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Recent Outfits #11

Here's another recent outfits post, haven't done one of these in a little while :)

Outfit 1: Nightwear (but probably could be daywear!)
Long sleeve lace crop top - H&M (in store)
Rose gold chain necklace - H&M (in store)
Black tardy boots - Jeffrey Campbell (via Office sale)

Outfit 2; Nightwear
Stripe sleeveless shirt - Topshop (via eBay, it's also on sale in Topshop)
Black disco shorts - American Apparel (via eBay)

Outfit 3: Nightwear (would probably change to a plain jersey body for a day look)
Silver faux leather jacket - Topshop (sale)
Long sleeved lace crop top - see outfit 1
PVC/Shine mini skirt - American Apparel

Outfit 4: Day/Nightwear
(Not really an outfit but had to show this dress!)
Velvet tank pencil dress - American Apparel (via ASOS sale)

Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Riding Pant!

The other week I managed to win a pair of American Apparel riding pants in an eBay auction, I only saved myself about £10 but I'm so glad I bought them! They are absolutely gorgeous, I won a size Small which is traditionally a size 8-10 but I'm a small 12 and I fit in these also!

I initially got them to replace some riding pant dupes that I'd bought recently (also from eBay), but after trying them on for 30 minutes the seaming came apart under the crotch and what was left was a hole :( I'm selling the dupes on eBay in case anyone is sewing savvy and wants to super sew them to death so that they don't break! click here!

As you can see, Brand new with tags, and I paid about £54!

Left are the riding pant dupes and right are the real riding pants, They are sooo alike! Shame about the quality of the dupes!

I also bought this amazing top from TK Maxx on Friday night too, I think the brand is called 'Dolls' or something! But it was £9.99 and it's a khaki muscle vest, ever so slightly longer at the back with gold spike embellished shoulders! I got a size 12 which is my usual size (I'm about a 10-12)

This is what I wore on Saturday; My new riding pants & khaki top, an old Leopard coat from New Look (circa 2010) and my Doc Marten inspired patent boots from eBay (you can't really see them in the picture). 

Hope you liked this post!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Halloween 2012! - The Ghost of Marie Antoinette

Ghost of Marie Antoinette costume - eBay - £14.99; White Bow Suspenders with Garter - eBay - £3.40 (inc. p&p); Black feather hair clip - eBay - £1.99 (inc. p&p); Jeffrey Campbell Cuffed in 'Pewter' - Office sale - £60 (at the time I bought them); Diamond dangle earrings - Primark - Around £3

So this year for Halloween I decided to be the one thing I've wanted to do for about 5 years now and never got around to doing, which is Marie Antoinette! I found this amazing bargain of a costume on eBay so I decided to go with a dead/ghost version instead of the prettier version, since it was Halloween and all! 

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of my face make-up or my hair because I was in such a rush on Halloween night, (The first pic was of me trying the costume on the day before!) I only got a quick snap of the little Marina and the Diamonds inspired eye-liner heart but I'm gutted I didn't get more photos as I was sooo impressed with my hair! To briefly explain it, I curled my hair with heated rollers and pinned it into an up do with a curl hanging down the side of my face, I then sprayed my fringe back into a sort of curled quiff with hair spray and then I attacked it with dry shampoo to make my hair look whiter! Make-up wise, I did a black and grey smoky eye and contoured with grey eye-shadow all around my face, I drew a little heart in eye-liner (as seen) under one of my eyes and used a neon pink blush (17 Blush in First Flush) for the 'Marie Antoinette' feel, Lastly I used a dark red lipstick (Diva by MAC) and a dark purple lip liner (Blackberry by Sleek). I also bought this fake blood cake make-up and drew a bloody line around my neck (as Marie Antoinette's head was cut off !).

Halloween was so much fun this year and actually going all out with my costume made it more exciting! 

I'm currently selling the Jeffrey Campbell shoes I wore on Halloween on eBay, they don't include the shoe bows that I wore on Halloween haha (they came with the costume!) but I'm trying to clear out my JC collection as I'm moving house! 

What did you do for Halloween this year and what's your plans for next year?

Friday, 2 November 2012

Disco Pant Dupes #2!

Black Disco Pants - eBay - £19.98 (inc p&p)

I recently had to sell my American Apparel disco pants, as they were a size too big, and because I've been exercising and eating heathily recently I continuously have clothing getting too big for me, so I didn't want to spent £70 on a pair of trousers that may be too big in a few months! So I found the most amazing dupes on eBay, I think if I hadn't of found these I would of just tried to find an auction for the American Apparel ones as there are no dupes good enough except from these! I have previously tried the Glamorous disco pants, but they broke within one use, and were thin like leggings; These are thicker which is more like the real thing, They actually suck you in whereas the Glamorous ones showed any 'love handles' or 'muffin top' quite easily! The button is also matte black just like the real thing and the shine is a nylon texture like AA, rather than metallicy shine like the Glamorous ones! These are sold in single sizes from 8-14. and I wear a size 12 (I'm usually a 12 on bottom in most clothes!)

One of the best things about these dupes is that they are only £19.98 including p&p, I know a few people have their reservations about eBay, but even if you could get someone to buy them for you, I would highly recommend to do so, They are amazing! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!