Friday, 2 November 2012

Disco Pant Dupes #2!

Black Disco Pants - eBay - £19.98 (inc p&p)

I recently had to sell my American Apparel disco pants, as they were a size too big, and because I've been exercising and eating heathily recently I continuously have clothing getting too big for me, so I didn't want to spent £70 on a pair of trousers that may be too big in a few months! So I found the most amazing dupes on eBay, I think if I hadn't of found these I would of just tried to find an auction for the American Apparel ones as there are no dupes good enough except from these! I have previously tried the Glamorous disco pants, but they broke within one use, and were thin like leggings; These are thicker which is more like the real thing, They actually suck you in whereas the Glamorous ones showed any 'love handles' or 'muffin top' quite easily! The button is also matte black just like the real thing and the shine is a nylon texture like AA, rather than metallicy shine like the Glamorous ones! These are sold in single sizes from 8-14. and I wear a size 12 (I'm usually a 12 on bottom in most clothes!)

One of the best things about these dupes is that they are only £19.98 including p&p, I know a few people have their reservations about eBay, but even if you could get someone to buy them for you, I would highly recommend to do so, They are amazing! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. These are such an amazing dupe! x