Monday, 5 November 2012

The Riding Pant!

The other week I managed to win a pair of American Apparel riding pants in an eBay auction, I only saved myself about £10 but I'm so glad I bought them! They are absolutely gorgeous, I won a size Small which is traditionally a size 8-10 but I'm a small 12 and I fit in these also!

I initially got them to replace some riding pant dupes that I'd bought recently (also from eBay), but after trying them on for 30 minutes the seaming came apart under the crotch and what was left was a hole :( I'm selling the dupes on eBay in case anyone is sewing savvy and wants to super sew them to death so that they don't break! click here!

As you can see, Brand new with tags, and I paid about £54!

Left are the riding pant dupes and right are the real riding pants, They are sooo alike! Shame about the quality of the dupes!

I also bought this amazing top from TK Maxx on Friday night too, I think the brand is called 'Dolls' or something! But it was £9.99 and it's a khaki muscle vest, ever so slightly longer at the back with gold spike embellished shoulders! I got a size 12 which is my usual size (I'm about a 10-12)

This is what I wore on Saturday; My new riding pants & khaki top, an old Leopard coat from New Look (circa 2010) and my Doc Marten inspired patent boots from eBay (you can't really see them in the picture). 

Hope you liked this post!


  1. hey hwere exactly did you get ur aa dupes from

  2. can you give me the link to where you got the dupes from? thanks x