Sunday, 23 December 2012

OOTD: Bat Girl

Gold Studded Jacket - Primark
Bat Jumper - Internacionale
Black Disco Pants - American Apparel
Gold Bangle - H&M (circa 2011)
Lipstick in Diva - M.A.C Cosmetics

I thought I would show you guys a recent outfit I wore with my new Internacionale bat jumper! It is sooo soft and warm!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Drop Dead Clothing Review/Mini-Haul!

Banjara Vest (Size XS-S, i'm a UK size 10-12, read below for info!) - £25; Madball Youth T-Shirt (Size youth large, which is an age 10-12) - £5 - Drop Dead Clothing

I sort of feel slightly embarrassed to say I've purchased something from Drop Dead haha! I used to buy/want Drop Dead clothing so much in my early teens around age 13-15, I was completely obsessed! But then we all grew up and it became somewhat of a mockery brand and aimed at the same age group of 13-15, but recently Drop Dead's A/W 2012 range has popped up quite a lot on the blogosphere, the main bit of interest seems to be in particular the 'I'm a fucking unicorn' vest which a lot of people seem to either already have or want! I decided to have a quick glance at the website as it sort of reminded me of UNIF's type of vests which I loooooove and after having a look I fell madly in love with the Banjara vest, after seeing a few pictures of it under the 'Drop Dead' hashtag on Instagram I decided to get the XS-S which is traditionally anything from a UK 6-10 but after seeing it on other people who looked like they got their regular size it seemed it was extremely baggy and larger fitting so I got the smaller size instead of the usual S-M that I normally am! 

Drop Dead are currently offering free delivery on orders over £30.00 over the Christmas period and the Banjara vest was £25.00 so I decided to look in their sale section to see if there was anything I could snap up for £5 so I could get free delivery and also a little something extra! Strangely enough, I ended up finding the Madball Youth T-shirt which is a kids version of a t-shirt Drop Dead previously sold, the largest size they had was 'youth large' which is an age 10-12 but after reading the measurements they were exactly the same as my measurements except the length, so I decided to take the risk and get the t-shirt, Purely to just wear as a bed/pyjama top as I love wearing t-shirts as bed-wear, I'm not a t-shirt wearer at all besides for that reason, mainly because they're comfortable but I don't think they suit me fashion/style wise! Any-who both items arrived yesterday and the age 10-12 top actually fits! it's a teeny bit short and ends just before my hips so it's definitely wearable, and gradually it'll stretch a bit more too so I highly recommend getting it if you don't want to pay £3/£4 for postage and would rather get something else cheap in order to get the free delivery if you're purchasing something for £25.

Also, Drop Dead are giving free 'secret santa society' goody bags with most orders (i'm not sure if you need to spend a specific amount) which includes a little zombie santa christmas tag (you can't write on the back unfortunately!), 2 'Drop Dead' stickers and I also received a peace necklace which is in the shape of Disney's Mickey Mouses hand, one side is a peace sign and the other side is swearing haha, easily amused! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Friday, 14 December 2012

J.W. Anderson Bat Jumper Dupe

I imagine this has gone around a bit on the blogosphere so far, but I recently found one of my christmas wish list items on Internacionale's website as they currently have 20% off and free delivery, This item was in the sale so it doesn't qualify for the 20% off unfortunately but still this is near identical to the hyped J.W. Anderson bat jumper that sold out very quickly! The J.W. Anderson jumper was priced at an expensive £69.99, so this cheaper £15.00 alternative is a steal! The two jumpers are very similar, except the Internacionale one has a slightly larger bat with a white/grey faded background behind it. I'm currently waiting for mine in the mail to try on, and if it fits okay it's going to be a Christmas present from a family member :) I will desperately try to piece an outfit together for you all when it arrives! I ordered a size Medium in case you are wondering, and I'm a UK size 10-12.

Hope you enjoyed this brief bargain post!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Recent Outfits (and items) #13

Outfit 1: Daywear
Studded leather jacket - Matalan (circa 2011)
(similar: here)
Grey speckled/salt & pepper hoody (underneath cause it was cold!) - Primark mens section
Black neneh wedge - Office (sale)
Lipstick in Diva - M.A.C Cosmetics

Outfit 2: Daywear
(Just a variety to outfit 1, all the same except the shoes!)
(the gold bangle is from H&M circa early 2012) 

Outfit 3: Day/Nightwear
Wildfox laurel sleeveless tank - ASOS (sale a few months back)
Widow suspender/garter leggings - Lip service (via eBay)
(similar cheaper alternative here for $50 inc. shipping (around £32!
also a boohoo alternative: here!)

This is one of my Christmas presents that I got to try on early, so I had to take some sneaky pics! I got these in the Solestruck 50% off sale a few weeks ago, and they came to £75 with shipping, when they arrive I was charged a £20 customs fee so altogether cost me £95, which isn't too bad for Big Litas! My boyfriend is paying £70 towards these so they are a Christmas present but they are so pretty I had to show you guys asap! Super duper comfortable and they make me incredibly tall!

Hope you enjoyed :)