Saturday, 26 January 2013

Jeremy Scott Inspired Bart Cropped Sweater

I know it's a huge cult following at the moment, the Bart Simpson printed sweaters with tons of duplicates of the Jeremy Scott collection all over the internet, but I have been madly in love with the cropped sweater since seeing it on Azealia Banks a few months back, but I would never buy the real thing with it being ludicrously expensive (bargain hunter at my best), and the only duplicates I could find online were long length jumpers, with a lot of them being poor quality prints of the Bart Simpson cartoon :( So I decided to leave it, and a few months have past and my friend reminded me that I was looking for a JS inspired jumper, so I decided to look again, and ended up googling for a cropped Bart Simpson sweater, and found a lovely new website that was selling a cropped version for around $40 (including shipping) Singapore dollars which came to about £20! I think they only had one in stock and I'm unsure whether they are restocking but the owner of the company was lovely and they have re-posted a photo of me wearing the jumper to their instagram and twitter! I have found the jumper on another site that post internationally which I have linked!

I also got this lovely pair of high waisted blue jeans after seeing them on Chelsea the other week, they're a great dupe for the AA easy jean, and super comfortable (I haven't worn a pair of jeans in years and these are the perfect thickness and not too denimy!)

Last but not least, my present for myself with money leftover from Christmas, I've been waiting for these for about 3 weeks now and they arrived the other week from Nasty Gal, after a whopping great £60 customs fee they are finally on my feet! The most expensive and only pair of full price Jeffrey Campbell's I have ever (and probably will ever as I never want to pay this much again) bought, the Roscoe boot! They cost £179 before I got hit with a huge customs fee so altogether came out at about £240... It actually makes me feel sick to my stomach as I have found an amazing pair of alternatives for around £80 and I wish I had waited and spotted the cheaper pair but hey ho, It's not very often I will buy something and proper spoil myself, as I usually always get bargains or a cheaper alternative of things (except disco pants haha but I have my own story regarding that!). They are extremely comfortable, The gold detailing is perfect for me as I normally wear gold jewellery and I don't often wear silver, and the cut out is perfect as I am incredibly obsessed with cut out boots at the moment! I will wear them until there is nothing left of them because I love them (and I definitely need to make my moneys worth!). I wear a size US 9 and I'm a size UK 6, just for your info!

I hope you liked this outfit :)


  1. That jumper and those boots are amazinggggggg! Wow x

  2. the jumper is fabbbb
    i recently got a full-length knockoff but in knit (I love that because it feels closest to the real deal) but your top is definitely a steal!
    i luv your boots too, i loved the Roscoes but the Coltranes stole my heart :) and now im eyeing the Thombs... oh lordy, jeffrey campbell will be the end of me